🧞 [MASTER] Mythic Titan Event - FAQ & Discussion

Finally, 4* AM!


Thanks @SamMe !

Thanks for sharing teams @Patrick09 @ferg @Saros and @RebelForces . You guys have had some great summons.

I had to look up what Motega did … I see why he’s in there :laughing:. Same for Zekena, awesome hero. :+1:

A common theme seems to be Franz too. I am saying for a 10 pull and may target CoK hoping for him. :crossed_fingers:. Doing the whole event I only get two summons unlike a season where you gain coins and will get lots of attempts, so that makes sense.

Gotta disagree there :laughing: It depends on perspective. F2P who doesn’t keep dupes (decided when I started to not for no particular reason and just stuck with it). I wish I had Vic’s costume as I bring a neutral D dropper against purple.

I didn’t take a pic, but my top 3 teams were:

1 - High score

Charge Ranvir, Athena, and Jackal. Move 3 turns so Hades stack drops. It also gives some tiles to drop his D from Athena more, then use the alteration scrolls, etc and blast away. Ranvir’s misses can be a bummer, but his boost lasts 5 turns so that is a nice perk here.

2 - My other EDD team. Kind of disappointing this time around TBH.
Wu Kong
Guardian Falcon
Scarlett (tiles)
Azlar (tiles)

I wish I had saved Wu for team 3 as they did better even without EDD. O well.

3 - Did surprisingly well
Costume Magni
Gretel (mostly tiles, she is 800+)
Guillinbursti (mostly tiles)

I forgot about the A boost of Gullinbursti’s special so I would add Wu and swap out Gullinbursti. Live and learn.

The rest were heroes that were +20 still with a D dropper like Grimm. In retrospect if I had taken each of my first 3 teams 1 more time at -10% it probably would have done better. :man_shrugging:. Got the avatar so it still counts :+1:

Congrats on top 1% @u2371

Nice White Rabbit @Saros , congrats on that pull!



Nice to be back in the top 1%!

Month Color Att % Att Rank Att Dmg Tot % Tot Rank Tot Dmg Ally Rank Ally Dmg Players %
Dec20 Red 1% 12,970 360,063 1% 14,162 1,738,016 1,212 26,246,628 6.6%
Jan21 Dark 5% 18,976 341,319 5% 16,904 1,752,020 1,372 25,845,679 6.8%
Feb21 Holy 1% 7,169 386,366 1% 7,436 1,990,563 2,110 17,905,486 11.1%
Mar21 Green 1% 3,584 522,405 1% 13,388 1,789,647 1,193 25,661,703 7.0%
Apr21 Blue 1% 9,193 277,726 1% 9,572 1,506,611 1,478 18,870,563 8.0%
May21 Red 1% 5,504 657,735 1% 6,375 2,825,518 1,020 32,764,439 8.6%
Jun21 Dark 1% 9,106 349,702 1% 7,611 1,931,610 1,568 20,172,613 9.6%
Jul21 Holy 1% 5,740 485,486 1% 10,024 2,303,415 1,240 27,176,624 1,124,392 8.5%
Aug21 Green 1% 11,938 448,668 1% 9,325 2,533,362 1,389 26,459,542 1,103,622 9.6%
Sep21 Blue 5% 12,986 287,909 1% 11,247 1,700,018 2,208 16,451,282 1,083,016 10.3%
Oct21 Red 1% 8,193 669,167 1% 9,001 3,175,115 2,136 22,729,769 982,965 14.0%
Nov21 Dark 1% 4,895 444,353 1% 5,839 2,415,987 1,307 26,315,114 1,060,145 9.2%
Nov21 Holy 5% 32,060 306,689 5% 24,150 1,768,421 1,739 24,944,450 998,847 7.1%
Dec21 Green 5% 18,853 422,472 5% 23,626 1,741,790 1,592 24,828,017 960,697 7.0%
Jan22 Blue 5% 11,139 333,028 5% 24,622 1,271,467 1,404 21,759,422 1,008,773 5.8%
Feb22 Red 5% 10,289 713,650 5% 19,089 2,388,537 3,134 20,007,075 932,931 11.9%
Mar22 Dark 1% 6,433 497,333 1% 4,934 2,794,884 3,140 15,073,982 814,551 18.5%

I used Valkyrie’s Bane for the first time as I don’t have Holy defense down. I certainly did not time it perfectly. I did use more big items for my attacks 2-12. Definitely more expensive, but I like the acomplishment of getting top 1%.

Huge drop in the number of players. I’m guessing it’s due to world events, but we’ll see how many stick around. I enjoy one hit on the Mythic Titan as I go all out and it’s interesting to see what I can do, but it gets tiring using all 12 flags. It might be worth going for top 5% in the future just so I don’t play when I’m bored.

Team I used for my big attack. Not the most ideal heroes, but far from having nothing to work with. Anyone who doesn’t have Holy EDD and isn’t prioritizing HA8 is doing it wrong.


second Mythic Titan in a row that i’ve posted a score above 1 million for single hit.

total damage reached top 1% (top 6k) in just three flags. normally takes me around 7 to get that high.

with this team:

don’t believe me? here’s the video evidence:

this was my second flag.

side note: critical chance DOES stack on the titan’s weak spot. i noticed some tiles hitting for 12k-13k on the weak spot and a few hitting for 18k. so just because you’re already getting critical damage on the weak spot doesn’t mean it can’t further stack critical hits.


Last MT results and loot.

1%, 1%, top 100

Summary of above loot

Happy with all gold tokens, 15 nuggets, and 50 large bones. :rofl:


Mythic Titan now every 2 months!

I’m a bit surprised there hasn’t been any discussion on it yet - are most players simply ambivalent about it?

As for me: well, more time to craft Scrolls of Alteration!


Thanks for sharing @sleepyhead .

Kind of bummed as I skip most of the other events as I find them less enjoyable. Not terribly surprising though given how most people seem to feel about it. I thought it was great for rewards/time in. Much more so than CoK, which is a joke.



All, what are your thoughts on the best Titan specialists to use for Mythic Titan?

I have currently 1 Sergei, 3 Wu Kong and 3 Bertulf.

I’m thinking -

1st 3 flags - Sergei and Bertulf
2nd 3 flags - Wu Kong
That leaves 2 sets of 3 flags

Better to use 2 Wu Kong? Or 2 Bertulf?

I’m leaning towards keeping Bertulfs over Wus, as my Titan average scores have increased since dropping Wu for Sergei. Survivability is a question though, I don’t have many Monk emblems to beef up my additional Bertulfs.

The ones I don’t use I will feed away, as outside of Mythic Titans I don’t think I will need multiples of these.

For regular titans I will experiment with using Sergei and Bertulf together, or Bertulf alone. Now I use Sergei only. Exception is Purple titans where I will probably use Bertulf alone

We fight mainly 5* and 6* Regular Titans

In my alliance there seems no love for Mythic Titans. I’m the only one that enjoys it. The rewards are very good. I usually ends in top 1% or 5%. The gameplay is different compared to the usual raid or war. Not everybody masters the play in MT or regular titans.

So finally did 1M hit. The winning combo was C-Viv, G. Jackal, Norns, Franz and Miki. First hit was fail because I used Onatel instead of Norns by accident :man_facepalming:. Why those two have to look so similar?


i would only recommend doing this if you plan to only ever use Sergei’s purple EDD debuff. their if you use their big attack boosts, they will overwrite each other.

i like flexibility, but as you mention, Monk emblems are a concern (as are Druid emblems for my particular roster). in an ideal world, i would max emblem one Bertulf and Wu Kong each for max attack and one more of each for max survivability (however that’s best distributed between defense and health). the max attack ones join the on-color teams to contribute to tile damage while the survivable ones go on off-color teams since they’re not their for their tile damage.

i have Guardian Gazelle, so it’s not a super high priority, but i would like the flexibilty such a set up would offer me if i were able to spend the resources this way.


Thanks. One issue I have with a mix of Wu and bErtulf is that they both use Monk emblems… but you give some great points to think about! Thanks for your advice

Looking back it varies per titan, but what is safe for top 1% damage on Gilgamesh? I am think somewhere around the 2 million mark?

In the historic records I have seen you can kind of tell when a new wave of titan heroes came, a la Franz, etc. and the numbers needed shifted up slightly.


EDIT: Amazing score @Nightmare2048 ! It was higher than all 3 attacks with my A team combined! :laughing: I need better titan heroes …

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My best mystic titan damage ever :smiley:

This is the team I use. (It is the first attack with +20% bonus)


My guppy loot

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55 +3 Ori nuggets. That a record for me !


Top 5% in total and indvidual. Not bad considering I spent only 4 flags.


Can we make these titans harder?

They’re harder now. Mythic Ttans is now a bi-month event ! Harder to get.

Latest MT results and loot.

Summary of above loot

Druid and monk emblems :+1:
20 timestops :+1::+1:
25 dragon bones :+1:
40 minor mana potions :+1::rofl:
20 nuggets :heart_eyes:

This is my best MT loot since October 2021. :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball: