[MASTER] Mystic Vision Bugs Continue

Good day,

This is now the second time I am posting this.
I am an android user. I have version 38 on my device.

Mystic Vision is repeatedly not giving me any reward. To the point that I am now getting irritated for the waste of my time, and my resources.

Like I said above, this is not the first time I am posting this bug report, and the fact I did not receive a response, even from the forum is atrocious.

I am not a millionaire who can just dump $$$ into the game for resources. I do depend on every aspect of this game to get by.


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Yeah. I’ve read your previous threads:

I suggest minimizing, if not avoiding, the creation of multiple threads on the same subject. Updating the previous thread might appeal the other forum users and may elicit responses for similar experiences. Better yet, you utilize the search option of this forum as there may be a ton more threads previously raised on the same topic.

The thing is, what you may have been experiencing as MV bug might not be generally experienced by the players. I do have that experience from time to time but I could hardly call it a bug affecting my gameplay. I usually chalk it as minor and temporary glitch, either on my end or on the server side.

My suggestion (always work 99.99% of the time in my experience) is for you to close all phone apps and notifications, clear cache or delete some unused apps (as you memory may be low) and restart your phone.

Good luck.


Thanks Ultra, as for restarting, clearing caches and so on, which is a regular thing with me, all done.

I apologise if I was maxing the issue, but either I don’t know how to navigate this forum properly or I was led down a rabbit hole.

Yesterday, after 5 tries, the M.V gave me 30 Monk emblems.

I have tried, clearing, restarting, wifi, mobile etc, but the problem just won’t go away.

Thanks again


Mystic vision dosent work for me either. I click it and ot starts for half a sec, then it all turns black, exept for the game name and other text, so technically i am looking at an ad but get nothing for it. These last 15 times ots been lile this

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Can confirm, have same issue with a few ads that were shown correctly in the previous version.

In about 3 out of 4 attempts, I get a black screen with game name and install link, plus X to close as if I’ve already watched it. If X is tapped (regardless if immediately or after a few minutes), it closes ad, gives no rewards, and shows “there are no available ads” for a few minutes, after which I can retry to watch.

OS: Android 10
Phone: Nokia 6.1

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Mystic Vision is not working for me on my android, I don’t see the video and not given my reward…please fix

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I have had one error since the update and hadn’t received errors previously, a guild mate noted it was ‘normal’ to watch an ad X out and it like blanks out and gives no reward and the cooldown starts again. Really odd never had that before the mystic vision change, only the one instance so far though.

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Exact same issue here. Am on iOS.

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Last week I had problem with mystic vision. After one day it fix. Now sance yesterday same problem.

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Each time I watch a mystic vision at the end of the ad it just says mystic vision not available at this time, a few secs later I can watch again and get the reward. This is happening with other
players in my alliance too. Since last update

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Mystic vision adds are improper not playing video add properly to get rewards… Scam!

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He’s been doing this for a few days. Does anyone know why?


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Yes, me too, since V38, I try to close and reopen the app, and reopen Mystic Vision around 2x, 3x, then it will give the reward.

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Same problem here. Been missing a lot of mystic visions.

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I have the same problem too.


Same issue here so I started to skip them more and more often.
Also the sound settings are again not respected.
I play the game without music or effects but the MV now have sound again and that is pretty annoying.

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From the last update (build 1519) I am using MV as an exit button on Bluestacks 4, running Android 7 - Nougat32.
I don’t have any problem on my phone (Samsung S8 - Android 9).

Have seen alot of MV issues the last week or soo actually…
Have sent this to mod chat.


Thx @Dudeious.Maximus


The issues have been rampant ever since the change to (iirc) Mojang as the back end for ads.

I saw a few, but never had repeated issues. And the devs haven’t said a thing.