[Master] Mystic Vision bugs, again

Same here. Several times today already, it‘s frigging annoying

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and again. It’s hard to recreate because I haven’t seen a pattern in what causes it.

I am using iphone 13 pro max. When I touch the mystic vision, the game freezes or I’m watching but I can’t get the reward.

Again #4

I’ll start counting and seeing how high this can go

Recently when I try to view the mystical vision, it keeps freezing.
Sometimes I have to re-launch the app several times to see it.
I have also updated to the latest version of the app, but no improvement.
Is this happening to anyone else?

Yup. Several others have commented on it here as well. I downloaded SG’s new game Puzzle Combat today to try it and had the same thing happen there!

I see that you mentioned others besides me. Hopefully they will improve soon.

Has anybody have this issue? Its been “loading ads” for the las 2 months. No ads show up

Maybe instead of increasing the Mystic Visions per day, you should fix this….

Nothing against (chances for) free goodies more often, but it freezes the whole game 50% of the time….

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Yep. I went through this a few months ago. Lasted a few days then went back to normal.

Has anyone experienced this issue ??? I load mystic vision, watch the 1, sometimes 2 ads & then nothing !!! It comes up as ‘no ad available’ ?? I watch it again in 2mins when it reloads & the same thing happens. Never happened b4 until the update to E & P just over a month ago. I’ve not even updated my iOS so when I submitted a ticket to support, I was told it’s not there problem as it’s a 3rd party doing it !! It’s probably my network, phone, etc. I’ve read about others experiencing the same so I’d like to get an idea as to how ms y are affected. Thx.

Update your OS. Turn device off for a couple minutes.

I’m on 15.4.1. Turn phone off regularly & I’m constantly faced with this every single day after watching mystic vision !! I’m having to do it 2 or 3 times to get the reward. It’s not just me either !!! On this forum others are facing the same issue.

That can’t be right as it is either the symbol or after watching it the timer pops up so this is not right !!! Been playing for years & this has only recently started to happen.

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Yup, happens pretty often, really annoying! Sometimes several times in a row. Force closing and retrying is the only way to temporary fix this.

It’s a shame I’ve had to give up clicking MV these last couple of days. Fed up with restarting my tablet.

Missed out on a lot of loot

Add one more…#5

After watching MV multiple times I got fed up. Every time after watching it my game hangs when I want to claim my reward. Watched the same add 9 times in a row already and my game hangs every time. I am using iOS by the way.

On Android, it sometimes hangs with the bottom of the screen white and your castle on top. But you can click in the castle area and get the reward at that point. (No idea if Apple works the same.)

The game literally just hangs. Unable to tap anywhere. The screen would just be frozen. It only happens to the Last Fortress ad. And the game would not change it to another ad.

I can watch all the ads i want, but since today none results in a reward. Also, my wait time is zero, i instantly get a new add. Anyone else has this?