[Master] Mystic Vision bugs, again

Yup. This keeps happening, but they don’t give a fudgecicle because they get paid

I can’t open the mystic video for the past 180 days. Any steps to resolve? I even delete and reinstall but it’s the same. Anyone facing the same issues?

Firestone ad doesn’t give me a way out of it and just sits there. Please suspend it

After a Call Of Dragons ad finished playing, it showed “Reward Granted” with what looked like a way to close the ad and return to the game. It didn’t work. I tried the Get button. I didn’t want it, but sometimes that lets me get back to playing. Nope. I had to restart the game. And of course I didn’t get a reward until I watched a different ad. I’m on an iPad with the latest version of iOS.

Had this problem in the past, but it seemed to be fixed for a couple of months until it just happened again: I watched MV to the end, pressed the “X” when it appeared and was left with no reward. The MV countdown didn’t reset, instead it showed the info “currently no ad available”. Shortly after I could watch another ad and the same thing happened again.

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How strange given a lot of players aren’t collecting MV because of the #nospend movement. I would have thought MV would have been bug free. Guess I was wrong :thinking:.