[Master] Mystic Vision bugs, again

Like most of the players have already brought up, and possibly more apparent now that MV cooldown period has been decreased to 2 hours.

  • a MV ad window pops up, but freezes, freezes, or app become sluggish
  • screen fades when trying to load an ad, freezes or app become sluggish
  • Loads ad, finishes the ad, trying to click on the X to return back to game, freezes or app become sluggish
  • ads attempt to load, nothing happens, returns back to base, with the no ads available pleas try again later, sometimes the play icon shows up again, click on it, and nothing happens.
  • At times when game timer is still counting down, and castle flags are blowing in the wind, but the villagers I see start walking in place and doesn’t move anywhere, I know the game is fried.

Most of the time when these happens, my phone will either tell me to Close App, Wait, or provide Feedback. And in 99% of the cases, I’d not only have to close the app, because just simply going back to the game does not help, I’d have to go into my App screen, click on Force Stop on the app, then go back in to be able to work on base, play map, etc. again. If I try the MV again, it might work, but it might repeat any of the above scenarios.

I also noticed that the game at 85% - 90% of the time really struggles to get Synched up the Google Playstore, and when that happens, it’s usually when I know there will be gameplay issues, there will be times when I had to wait 4 - 5 minutes just so the game would successfully synchronize my game account with the Google Playstore. Not sure if related, but aside from the game mechanics, I seem to have the most problem with MV and Google Play Synchronization.

I try to identify for several weeks what actions lead to freeze the game when I try to open mystic vision

It happens systematically after I feed some heroes
If there is another action between feeding heroes and taping on mystic vision button : mystic vision launches properly.

I tested it with iOS 15.5 and the build 15.4 . Device ipad / iPhone
Ep version 48.1.0 build 1138 , it happened with rhe previous v47 too.

User name in game : cap , co lead home run
Last time occurred 2022 06 03 about 11h utc +2 location France

Hope it will help rhe development’s team
Best regards

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Thx, I will try this.
Meanwhile I have raised Staff’s attention to these steps.

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The game freezes constantly when I press the vision. Takes 2 or 3 times for the ad to come. Have to reboot game.
I use an IOS device


I am constantly encountering this problem. especially when pasha fencer and a similar game ad come across the game freezes. When it is not frozen, if you leave the ad before the ad is completely over, even though the time given for the ad is over, the ad will be watched again. Although I reported this problem to the system, it was skipped with a sloppy answer.

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My IOS is having the same problem. XR
Yes! I would love the best 5* green hero you have SG for the issues. Thank you so much :wink:

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please remove ads from: mafia
the ants
shelter survival
lands of empires

because didn’t give rewards and app is restarting!

Foodora advert not working

This is so frustrating. The game is freezing on me at least half the time when I click on the ad (before anything loads) and I have to
force a restart. I think it is worse now after the v 49 install (iOS 15.5).

I just spent five minutes watching five MV ads, and the game gave me nothing in rewards. It just showed ‘no ads available, check back later. ´ It’s frustrating to say the least, if not cheating.

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Does anyone noticed the MYSTIC VISION ADDS is overlapping/long duration adds and sometimes no rewards at the end of adds…

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Do something with the ads. Sometimes works sometimes not. Restarting the game or the mobile doesn’t do a thing

Yeah… on iOS ads worked for me very well (almost 100% of the time) for almost two years, but now for a month or two they have become extremely frustrating. Half of the time pressing play button freezes the whole game, and then quite often there is no reward after successfully watching the ad. My (very old) Android device has always had various problems, but it is sad that iOS has fallen to the same abyss…

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