[Master] More than 3 Revenge Attempts....?

This stood out as odd to me. Am I missing the obvious answer?

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Maybe you attacked them two separate times?


Yes I also think you attack twice… can you see the history is still there in WT?
Bounty Hunter I think it also because the name… who knows :man_shrugging: :rofl:

You clearly have a price on your head boy. Now stay out of more trouble son!


A few days ago, I had the same thing occuring when I was revenging. One attack ended in a timeout/disconnect so i think this doesn’t count towards your 3 attempts.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of events, but I once was able to revenge more than 3 times. After I chose to rematch the second time, I didn’t attack, and logged off. When I logged back in later, the number of allowable rematches reset from zero back to two, so there is some bug somewhere.


Ok, so I’ve able to recreate this scenario to revenge over 3 times. Here’s what I did.

Attack. Lose.

Rematch. Attack. Lose.

Rematch. LogOff/Close App

Wait and get attacked by someone.

LogOn/Open App

Attack (should automatically be the same person as before). Lose. Now the number of rematches allowed has been reset to 2/2.

Rematch. Attack. Lose…

And so on.


Made this a master of sorts seeing as it keeps popping up.

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Could this possibly be used to attack someone more than 4 times? I think I’d give up eventually, but it would be interesting to run it out as far at possible

I only attacked them once so it must be the described rematch bug :thinking:

I thought there was a limit to how many times one person could attack you?! Is this a bug?

There is a limit on a number of attack attempts once an enemy is matched. However, I don’t think, that there is a global restriction on matching the same enemy more than once. I think, it is just statistically unlikely, but not totally impossible.

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Ok it took me a while to hunt down the post on this.

There are a couple options:

  1. The person re-rolled you in raiding (unlikely but possible)

  2. You appear as a “watchtower” on this persons Season 1 map (also unlikely given they have the Killhare avatar)

  3. They used an exploit of sorts in the “reroll” & app exiting functions:

Works the same on both offence & revenge raiding;

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