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Yes a few and a post :wink:

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@Marceloo Thank you speaking up in the #NoSpend thread. :+1:

I also wanted to wish you a happy 4th Cake Day! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::cake::beers:

#NoSpend thread is suspended. I can’t even edit my post even after more than 12h…

Natasha, I apologize I didn’t see this until 5 months later.

We haven’t seen you login for a while, and now I know why.
Your account is still there, your character is still intact. If you can pursue it, I am sure that they can help you recover your account.

Good luck! I can only imagine how difficult it is to lose an account after you’ve been building it for months.

I’m sorry it took me so long to see this, I took a break from the game and only logged in the occasionally. I’ve recently started logging in more regularly, even though all the upcoming massive changes are disheartening.

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Thanks for the congratulations!

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Thanks been looking for this topic :green_heart:


Not many left from back then in 19/20, but i remember the names :fox_face:

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I have been searching … … Damn search function …

Thanks :+1:


Natasha, if you come back to the forums and see this message, consider yourself lucky that you lost your account. The game has gone downhill so steeply it’s like it dropped off a cliff.

You are far better off not recovering your account sweetheart.

I was sad for you at the time, but now it was a blessing in disguise. You are quite lucky. I hope you enjoy whatever new game you’re playing. It’s definitely better than this one I guarantee it.


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Translated for you:

“What is this forum for if every true post about the game is blocked here?”

Answer for you:

This is not the thread for your question. Please find or create the appropriate thread.


Reading that, in my head I heard “these are not the droids you are looking for”.


So this is the place for random stuff? Well here goes

Dear Game,
I’m tired. I mean bored and tired. Tired of the same crap over and over. New heros one right after another does not nessasarily make the game fun or entertaining. Could you maybe get a little more creative with the content? The portals have become…well to be honest …rather boring. Could you slow down long enough for me to actually get excited about something? I must admit, anticipation has been known to be intoxicating, or maybe just take your foot off the gas and coast long enough for me to jump off of this speeding merry-go-round.
All my love & best wishes,
The Golden Goose.


I feel you, well said @L33tVortex12596 . when these things (new heroes, new events) come too quickly and too often, the luster and shine falls away… I feel like I’m reeling with new information all the time!


@Dudeious.Maximus some of it is hard to explain without adding screenshots, don’t want to do that just now incase against rules etc (deleted line as well so can’t forward on that)

Some things begin to take exponentially longer such as the individual level ups as you progress, however there are some things which seem to refresh. Some things though seem to be pretty linear for reward.

Eg they have a thing similar to POV but there aren’t separate tasks needed to do just standard gameplay moves you along the line and you get gems you can use towards packs or accessories such as backgrounds etc. Also there are shards you can use to creat a specific hero, different rarities come at different rates and need more to create etc.

There is also a separate monthly login bonus that refreshes at start of each month. If you login every day of month (without actually doing anything in game) you can get about 6/700 gems. Counter doesn’t drop back to zero if you don’t log in a day either so can still hit some of the milestone amounts.

There are a range of different pack types where you get 10 cards for 100 gems. As the packs all relate to specific archetypes it doesn’t take needing to get too many packs to get a useable collection. Also pre built decks cost 500 and contains a playable set to use in content. The structure decks change every so often as well so if the type available isn’t what you want another could come up again soon to refresh if you feel like a change.

With the costs and the free stuff it isn’t too hard to grab a decent amount of new stuff each month without as much grind.


Cool thanks for the info :green_heart:

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No probs, the structure decks kinda gave me an idea about something here. Obviously wouldn’t probably be available in all portals, but perhaps on some older ones possibly.

It would need to be a higher cost so maybe a 5k gems cost or something :thinking:and it would give a family kind of set that would give the bonus. Eg one 5 star, two 4s and two 3s guaranteed to be one of each colour and to be from same family so can get the set bonuses for more than one of each and help with the passive kick-ins

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As requested @Dudeious.Maximus…not easy to take a pic with my left hand it seems…

As an added bonus you also get my graffiti “Cheddar” :joy:

Both quite old now, the artist wanted to do a lot more to Count after he healed but I have a strict no messing around policy on tattoos. They look how they look and I’ll take them to the grave as memories of good, bad and ugly times :laughing:


Cool thanks like the bats around it too dont change it sometimes things look best in there orgianal form :green_heart:

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I’m very eclectic in my tattoos…I’m heavily Japanese influenced on my left arm and right leg. The right arm is just random crap I liked :joy:

Got a skull and crossbones, a massive 1950’s inspired Robot, Calvin & Hobbes and a Captain America shield. And my left leg is completely tattoo free because I thought it was funny having one leg fully sleeved and the other untouched :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not had any for ages now…I spent 5 solid years and then that was it, I was done.

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