[MASTER]- Mega Merge Random stuff etc🎉

I’m glad Goon is still playing. :wink:

I figured I’d post here instead of going off-topic in the original thread. :sweat_smile:


Woo. Thank goodness for that. Because its very lopsided right now lol.

Apologize first for writing this on your thread but apparently my search skills are as good as my playing skills. Shhhh :rofl:

Do accumulated pulls now on hand roll over to the next soul exchange? I currently have just enough for one exchange; but I am hoping a particular hero may appear in the upcoming exchange.


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Your question seems about fated summons and not soul exchange ….

All accumulated pulls will stay when Fated summons refresh next month.


Yes that’s correct. I’m easily confused. Hence the name. Thank you kindly :heart:


You r most welcome!

I remember many such moments about myself w.r.t. this game, on this forum, on my channel….:rofl::man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Cheers !


So, noticing this means I spend too much time on the game. Did anyone notice the face on the mountain? Left side of base camp

On the tight side looks like a rhino and a demon?


I cannot unsee them now lol

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Bwahahaha …… twenty yellow hearts :tongue:


I don’t think this game has even a month left in it before it finally dies for good, these greedy Zynga clowns have successfully destroyed the game with their greedy cash grabs. The end is nigh