Master List of E&P Links



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Guide: Challenge Events (Memento 4 Events by Mariamne)

Guide: Rare Quests (Memento Quests by Mariamne)

Guide: Seasonal Events (Memento seasonal events by Mariamne)


Added Mariamne’s 3 guides. Added Boolz at the top. Slightly reorganized the list for clarity.


Infographics: Troops Summarized by N.o.X

Infographics: 7 Days Departed Game Strategies in a Nutshell

Infographics: Player Level XP by Pois1

Infographics: Crafting Recipes by Pois1

Infographics: Hero Leveling by Mariamne

In-Game Emoji List

Recruits II Epic Hero Token Tracking

The Ridiculous Complaints thread


Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You


The word infographix is great, but mind if I shorten for the list? I’m trying to reduce everything to one line if possible.


Not at all!

20 shortenings


I’m wondering if it’s worth putting a link to #news-announcements and/or the 2019 preview or the main response thread about it. They’re all pretty readily accessible, but I feel like they’re also frequently referenced.


How much should I spend? (ERROR4)

The E&P Fictionary (JonahTheBard)


Lets not forget this babies:

Has anyone ever gotten anything from raid chest?

Farming to Fill Elemental Chests


Yes, and Petri said I could include it! :wink:


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lets add the two polls too although they are added in the big mats topic:


The Rare Quest reference thread isnt linked here … ?


And looked in my created topics and found these that will surely help:


For specific topics/heroes, etc, there is the search feature. These should be master topics. The ones you give everyone, every time; the daily or semi-daily links. :slight_smile:


Mariamne’s Rare Quest is already linked.