Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

As requested, they are removed.

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this seems sad.

lots of sadness


What on earth has gone on

How about @Grumpigamer Titan Team Composition and tile damage guide? Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the active project but maybe if we asked real nice? :wink:One of my favourite resources!

I cannot say what an awesome help this thread has been to my alliance. Thanks to everyone who added to it.
Thanks to @Rook for pulling it all together!!
Usually the 1st thing a new member gets, bombarded with helpful info :wink:


There is a player who brain-childed it; they have since removed their name from it, but I consider them the originator. :+1:


@rook here are a couple that I think may be missing:

A E&P Hero Database:

Summon/ Pull Simulator

Updated “Count to X” link:

A to Z game:

Titan Loot:

Titan Damage Boosters:

Costumes FAQ’s:

Levelling a Costume (Exp & Materials Required):

Mistakes to Avoid with Costumes:

2020 Sneak Peak:

Beat Beat:
V26: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v26) – Season 3 Heroes, Path of Valor, Costumes v2, Feb/Mar/Apr HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta
V25: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v25) – Path of Valor, Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar HOTM, Bug Fixes – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta


Thanks @Guvnor! I like including stuff that will help ALL players, and I think most of this falls under that heading. :thumbsup:

(It’s laborious to add it, so give me a little time. :wink:)


hey @Rook,

I created a couple of things for players to use, hope maybe they’re good enough that you’d consider adding it to this amazing compilation of player guides.

Hero Appendix

Training Camp Calculator

@Rook can we pin this topic? :slight_smile:

I just re-pinned it. Thanks! :wink:


Slow slow kitty falling behind :wink:

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Yeah. I’d show you my schedule book, but then I’d have to kill you. :grin:

(It’s coming. Thanks for your patience, and the reminder!) :heart_decoration:


Hey @Guvnor see PM for questions on some of these…

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Updated - Now includes:

  • E&P Hero Database
  • Summon Simulator
  • Count to 20…
  • A-Z Topic…
  • Titan Loot Data Farming
  • 2020 sneak peek
  • Beta Beat - Season 3 (V26)
  • Beta Beat - Path of Valor (V25)

Still to EDIT:

  • Move Classes to their own section

Still to ADD:

  • Titan Dmg Boosters
  • Costume threads (3, under new for now
  • Hero Appendix*
  • Training Camp Calculator*
    *checking these out.

Delete 2019 sneak peak.


I’m working on an update on the Costume FAQs currently to be in line with the new 2020 stuff. :slight_smile:


Hola ! Me podrías decir cada cuantos titanes normales sale un titan especial ? Desde ya muchas gracias !!!

moderator edit and reminder that English is the official forum language.

Hello ! Could you tell me how many normal titans a special titan comes out? From already thank you very much !!!

I haven’t seen an exact number. They only come after beating a titan. I’ve seen it noted at about +/-8 titan wins.


What is there in particular, information that is not available here?