Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

@Rook, thanks so much for moderating this thread, and keeping everything in order for us! Great job!

My alliance-mate @mattp169 has created a very simple little spreadsheet to show how many tiles it takes to charge mana, with various levels of mana troops and talents. I’d like to see it on the list too:


this should be added



To complete it

Only for offense.

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These are just Sakura heroes? Will the other Atlantis families be done as well?

Only the Sakura bonus affects mana :slight_smile:


May I suggest the Library @Rook ?

Also, the triumvirate of ridiculous - polls, complaints and bragging, perhaps?

Also, also, the Fictionary is information, rather than purely for fun. It is an intensive compendium of scholarly learning :nerd_face:

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as @Garanwyn said :slight_smile:

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I added the Fictionary to “Useful Stuff”.

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On to the rest! :smile:

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@hotdamnmess Of the two, I’m more inclined to use Boolz’s copiable graphic (above). Is that alright with you?

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Forgive me for missing your question. There IS no overarching Calendar; none exists (at least none made public, I did ask). :slight_smile:


Re-pinned topic for six months.

No problem, thanks for the response!

@Rook what I added is different to what @hotdamnmess posted.
I tried to complete it by adding (the missing) sakura family changes that appear only for itselfs’ heroes.

May be add link to my spreadsheet of all quest, event, special event with offers?


I have been playing since Jan 2019. Read a lot, am on a good alliance and doing well. I have been unable to find a chart or detailed info on requirements for each training level in TC. Lots of comment of what is best value. I don’t want to pay research cost for level I may never use. I know there are people who have been through each level collectively. Is there a chart I am not finding? I think it would be a useful reference. Would allow for farming choices going forward, so a body had mats hoarded when they were able to get to a particular TC. Thanks

@Morgan83: This is in the Wikia I believe (already on the list). Here is a more direct link:


I would like to add this, but I’m concerned about overlap (Mariamne’s Graphics are already listed).

I’m looking to add unique items that aren’t referencing other works (though I know we as players do this all the time). :wink:

Thanks,this is helpful. Sorry i didn’t find it without help!

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Yes of course yes yes

@Vincent_the_King that question was really directed at Rook, and was focused on what is appropriate for the guide.

It’s really good that you want to help people by answering questions. That’s an important part of what we do in our community. That said, I’d encourage you to spend some time getting a feel for how things work on the forum before starting to try to answer questions for people.