Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

I thought it had been. Apparently the pin fell out. Took a hammer and whammed it in real good for another 3 months. :wink:


Wasn’t there also a list/graph by Pois where she collected the monsters, bosses and rewards for “ordinary” quests?

Do you mean this?

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Yes, thanks.
Should also be linked above.

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if helpful this can be added too 📌 Boolz Guide - OneClick > QuickInfo


Done and done. :slight_smile:


Awesome list, thanks @Rook !

Can you add the timetable calender for all events (quests, challenges etc)?

Sorry if I missed it and keep up the good work!

@Rook, thanks so much for moderating this thread, and keeping everything in order for us! Great job!

My alliance-mate @mattp169 has created a very simple little spreadsheet to show how many tiles it takes to charge mana, with various levels of mana troops and talents. I’d like to see it on the list too:


this should be added



To complete it

Only for offense.

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These are just Sakura heroes? Will the other Atlantis families be done as well?

Only the Sakura bonus affects mana :slight_smile:


May I suggest the Library @Rook ?

Also, the triumvirate of ridiculous - polls, complaints and bragging, perhaps?

Also, also, the Fictionary is information, rather than purely for fun. It is an intensive compendium of scholarly learning :nerd_face:

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as @Garanwyn said :slight_smile:

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I added the Fictionary to “Useful Stuff”.

adjusts hat

On to the rest! :smile:

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@hotdamnmess Of the two, I’m more inclined to use Boolz’s copiable graphic (above). Is that alright with you?

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Forgive me for missing your question. There IS no overarching Calendar; none exists (at least none made public, I did ask). :slight_smile:


Re-pinned topic for six months.

No problem, thanks for the response!

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