Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

The word infographix is great, but mind if I shorten for the list? I’m trying to reduce everything to one line if possible.

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Not at all!

20 shortenings

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I’m wondering if it’s worth putting a link to #news-announcements and/or the 2019 preview or the main response thread about it. They’re all pretty readily accessible, but I feel like they’re also frequently referenced.

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How much should I spend? (ERROR4)

The E&P Fictionary (JonahTheBard)


Lets not forget this babies:


Farming to Fill Elemental Chests

Yes, and Petri said I could include it! :wink:


and the rest of my bookmarks; Rook hold tight >>> dupes will come… as in game :smile:

Oh dear! Slow down! Lol

gets more coffee! :grin:


Thanks! Especially to @Petri :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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lets add the two polls too although they are added in the big mats topic:

The Rare Quest reference thread isnt linked here … ?

And looked in my created topics and found these that will surely help:

For specific topics/heroes, etc, there is the search feature. These should be master topics. The ones you give everyone, every time; the daily or semi-daily links. :slight_smile:


Mariamne’s Rare Quest is already linked.



@Rook, you deserve a medal for this!


Been working hard on the Fandom Wiki, to make that thing top notch. So much of it actually combines 2 or more of the resources stated above, while still linking to them.

For instance, combining information about the Training Camp from both the E&P RPG Wiki and Coppersky’s Compendium so that there’s a full listing of upgrade and research costs (neither had complete lists), while also pulling in the TC20 Results thread as a source to declare precise percentage droprates. We’re up to over 300 pages now, so it’s pretty darn comprehensive. :slight_smile:

Also, would love more collaborators. Please consider becoming one. That wiki is easy to find through Google and having a quality wiki improves the gameplay experience of everyone (not just those of us who visit the forums).

Finally, I just made this tool earlier this week: 4* and 5* Ascension Calculator (Google Sheets)

Actually, it was Boolz’s suggestion entirely. They get the credit. :wink:


I only have one incomplete sheet/project on the list right now (because S2 is still being revealed). Let me eyeball yours. :wink:

EDIT: Added the Wikia - Categories List

EDIT2: I like your tool! If folks aren’t careful, they might misunderstand that while they can level a 5* to tier 3, they can’t final it…but using one’s eyes helps! Lol

I got this result just now:

Reminder to new users, you must make a copy of the spreadsheet to be able to use it. :slight_smile:

EDIT3: Caught up to here. :slight_smile:


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