Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides


This one, please

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The purpose of this thread is to put major threads/topics at one’s finger tips. It will become horribly unwieldy if it gives snapshots. It’s easy enough to click, look and backspace. I’m trying to be descriptive in the titles. :slight_smile:


Technically I can’t, since this is in the English section and not foreign languages. Hmm…


How do I remove the snapshot and just leave the link?

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not snapshot> link to the post that has snapshots as per the cattegory/subcategory

its worked to be done, but can be done.

my up example is just an example for corrella event (New Challenge Event Approaching). best is to do it for myself in a preserved topic and just share my input / link here for the main post to be updated if wanted.

this gathering of links will sure help me up.

thats the scope: not to search in all the links; a glance at the main topic and boom i know what i wanted to know.

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Your posts are perfect. I meant mine at the top. :slight_smile:


That’s why I asked, my dear. Is it ok to leave it where it is?

Ah, you mean, post the topic afresh here (Below) and comment. Top post links to the one below).

Truthfully, I have only so much time. :grin:

Oh, ty :blush:
Im really happy you share my enthusiasm :hugs:

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click the chain button, next to the heart (aint on my windows pc, linux here @work - would have sniptoolit 4 you) :wink:


Looks like this.

You put the link in the top box, and what you want YOUR link to say in the bottom. For example: Starter Pack link.

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Okay, all links added UP TO HERE. note to self :grin:

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HotDamnMess’s new farming guide for Season 2



20 links added! :joy:


Guide: Challenge Events (Memento 4 Events by Mariamne)

Guide: Rare Quests (Memento Quests by Mariamne)

Guide: Seasonal Events (Memento seasonal events by Mariamne)


Added Mariamne’s 3 guides. Added Boolz at the top. Slightly reorganized the list for clarity.


Infographics: Troops Summarized by N.o.X

Infographics: 7 Days Departed Game Strategies in a Nutshell

Infographics: Player Level XP by Pois1

Infographics: Crafting Recipes by Pois1

Infographics: Hero Leveling by Mariamne

In-Game Emoji List

Recruits II Epic Hero Token Tracking

The Ridiculous Complaints thread


Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

The word infographix is great, but mind if I shorten for the list? I’m trying to reduce everything to one line if possible.

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