Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

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Thank you for adding the status effects here :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s been used and proven useful for players


Hi mate.

It would be helpful to have a link entitled ‘Atlantis Missions.’

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1-17 at the bottom of the list or click “missions3”


All missions link added.

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Thank you Pois,
but that’s not really what I was suggesting.
I wasn’t really clear, so apologies.
To clarify;
It would be helpful to have a link to S2 missions which fulfils the following two criteria;

  1. Guidance on which levels are best to complete the missions.
  2. The link should be clearly labelled as such. By which I mean, people would be able to come here looking for help with S2 missions, click on the link, and find the info. I know the info is there, I.E. ‘Barryfarmzhere’ has the best missions for each mission. And there’s that helpful infographic showing S2 enemies and levels (can’t remember where it is). But if someone didn’t know that, and came looking for help, they might not find it.

It strikes me that this is a significant ‘hole’ in what’s offered on this otherwise excellent post. In the light of the fact that some really helpful stuff isn’t easily available, perhaps a link to S2 missions could be added into the first post. Otherwise people may have to go into time consuming ‘mining’ for info, and still maybe not find it.

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Hmm, BarryFarms is already there. If you find a different link, let me know. “All missions” probably more properly meets the scope of this list. :slight_smile:

Starter pack link.[Starter pack ](http://small giant )

broken link, @little1

Hey guys, where is the best place to farm for heroes please?

Do you mean recruits? Prolly 8-7 (season 1).

If you mean, “Where can i get lucky and get heroes along with other things”? I use tickets on 23-9 and often get heroes. I go five at a time, with varying results.

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Thank you!
Yes, I mean heroes, to leveling my rosters. TC11 trains too slowly.

I’ve been playing for only 2 months so I’m not at 23-9 yet. My rosters are not strong enough. I’m trying to rush to TC20 as people suggest (currently at SH13).

The levels that cost 3 world energy are the best for heroes. Hero drop rates seem pretty uniform across the map, so you obviously get more per world energy in the earliest stages of season 1: Provinces 1 through 8 (plus level 9.1).

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If you have backpacks, don’t forget TC-2. It’s a chance for common or uncommon heroes, abut more pricey than TC-11, but definitely faster. :+1:

Now back to topic (Master List of Links). :slight_smile:


Thank you for the links @Rook. Though I did not see a link to the list of titans and their stats. Or did I just miss it? I found this page but it’s outdated. I wonder who maintains that site, it doesn’t say anywhere on any page. I can hep update it :slight_smile:

Is there any other list that shows titan stats?

Not that i have seen. Anyone? Anyone?

(Get me a completed list and i’ll add it.) :slight_smile:



also you can look here too in the future


Gotcha @Rook

That is nice! Thanks much @Boolz!

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forgot to put here the hero calc (will be updated with food cost)


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