Master Lepus shield bug

I’m not sure how big of a deal it is but figured I’d submit anyway. I was raiding with master lepus today and hit his special, his shield went down and then I set off the opponents isarnia and she made everyone’s shield down but set lepus back to normal. I’m not sure if this effect works with the other bunnies or with other shield down heroes. I haven’t tested it yet.

Probably a stupid guestions but how many turns was there between lepus and isarnia firing?
Just thinking that could it be that Lepus’ - def just ended the same turn Isa fired?
Edit: or wait… That would not be how it would work. Nvm, the guestion was indeed stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I get what you’re meaning and I would have to look into how many turns but yea still wouldn’t explain why the bunny is the only one without the shield lower. It’s like 2 negatives made a positive :slight_smile:

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