Master Lepus & Jack O'Hare 2.0

Short story: So what’s the verdict on the wabbits after the update?

Long ear killers.

What’s up doc?

Lepus very good to excellent depending what else you have.

Rest not so much; green 4* does have a tasty attack stat though.

I have to have them (but probably won’t get them). Honestly, they should just give them to me, I mean my name means bunny and my alliance is called “down the rabbit hole…”.
I rest my case :wink:


Agreed. Maybe stock up on carrots to lure them?


I am trying :wink: . Problem is that my members joined because of the carrots, so having trouble keeping them off…

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The only thing is that in the release notes, it says their “special defense” reduction was lowered, but in the game, their regular defense is what gets lowered, which is a lot worse.

25% → 20% self defense reduction = buff from the prior iteration.

20% defense debuff is sort of whatever in my estimation, doesn’t really affect my team building at all frankly if I have a rabbit on it.

I’m not quite as sold as Kerridoc is on the squire, but then again I’ve never tried Beginner.

@Revelate What I’m saying is that the phrasing in the release notes is confusing. The notes state “special defense reduction” which I read as defense against special attacks. However, what they really mean is “the defense reduction caused by their special attack.”

I was just kinda disappointed when I saw my interpretation was wrong. Gotta love the English language.

Squire Wabbit will be very useful for getting high scores on beginner challenge events since offensive power is critical. He has both the highest attack stat (538 to Ulmer’s 528) and highest single target damage special (355% to Balthazar’s 335%) of any 3*. He is noticeably better than Nashgar who has 513 attack and deals 290% damage with 120 burn. Obviously most people don’t care about slight differences at the 3* level, but Wabbit is very strong.


So true, but he is on the opposite very fragile (even more after shooting special) and can be a real problem in the last stage of beginner tier where don’t let the boss even touch you is the more difficult out of the three challenges.

I see him die pretty much on whatever attack of the guardians, Kestrel or Sargasso.
Avalon maybe is more safe.

anyone get a bunny yet?

I am tempted to try but may hold off for now.

I did one pull with the epic troop token we got today. I got Squire. I’m going to hang on to everything else with the anticipation of the avalon event dropping in a few weeks.

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I did a 10x and got Squire, Quintus, and 8 regular 3*s. Saving for Avalon pulls now since I’d rather have Arthur than Lepus, and don’t think Jack O’hare is very important.

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Guess I need to figure out what I am going to do. I’ll wait a week or so to see what happens.

Got Jack and Squire, enough to share them around…Couldn’t get get Master Lepus for the life of me, cards are not with me this time…

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how many pulls if you don’t mind me asking? I will have enough for 2 tonight. Debating on waiting or just going for it.

I pulled a rabbit(s) (pun intended) at almost every pull, unfortunately the only one I was interested in was Lepus. I waited for this event to try and get him, but no luck. I did about 6 x10 pulls…

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In 3 10× pulls, I got one wabbit per try in ascending order, so then I quit while I was ahead with a full set.
I didn’t get a second Delilah though, which is what I was primarily trying for, thinking longterm. Lepus seems an extremely decent consolation prize given that there’s no way I’ll be able to properly ascend my first Delilah any time soon.

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I’m happy, I can go home now…Lepus and Magni, best of friends.