🐰 Master Lepus – 5* Ice/Blue from Springvale

If you had Frida it would be even more spectacular

Just wondering who has/intends to LB Master Lepus first?

This is my Master Lepus, and the LB stat boost.

For my roster, Lepus seems to be the best 5* to LB first. My maxed ice 5*: Frosth +19, Master Lepus +19, Magni +18, second Magni, and Isa +7 (no costume for the S1).

He is also on my war defence, along with Sir Roostley.


If I would not have Cobalt, I’d do him


Still collecting emblems for +20, so far iam here.
No regrets at all.


I was thinking to go with Lepus, but than I got Cobalt… Since I won’t have emblems to max him imidietely, thought I might LB him first. :tipping_hand_man:t2:


As soon as I have my fifth ice ether III I will LB him for sure. He’s my best blue and like yours at 19 talents already a beast. I use him a lot.

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Good to hear, and nice Lepus! :muscle:

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I LB my Lepus, and got him finished with 15 minutes before war started.

Here he is at the start and finish. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My Lepus now :heart_eyes:


I’d like a suggestion from folks based on how you’ve emblem’d Master Lepus or just based on general strategy. I’ve gone attack/defense the whole way, and now I’m at the very last fork, between crit and defense. Not sure which one to go for, as he’s so frail after his special, but being offensive, maybe I should just go with crit? I use him on offense and haven’t really used him on defense.

My leader @LuluA85 told me never critical*, and she means every node against critical should be that other node.

Critical only effects the tile damage, and the normal mini attacks in raids.

I never choose critical either. For Lepus, I automatically chose defence for +19 node. :wink:

*This is perspective of a highly competitive player (top 100 alliance leader, top 100 Legendary challenge events). Whatever works for highly competitive players may not always work for less competitive players.

Here’s my full emblem path:

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