[Master] Leader to Keep / Lock Titans at a specific Difficulty (Star / Rating) or below

There comes a point where an alliance stabilizes in power, and with this, what titans they do well in fighting versus those that they continuously choose to let go. I’ve heard that some top alliances choose to let 11 or 12* titans go in favor of ones that require less items and similar loot at lower tiers. Whatever the reasons, there are many alliances the forego trying to defeat a titan to lower the titan tier.

Instead of having to let the titan escape to achieve a lower tiered titan, my idea would be to have an option (selected by the leader or co-leader of an alliance) to keep the titan at the current tier or lower. That way alliances that can handle a certain tier regularly, but are unable to beat (tier + 1), they do not have to waste items, flags, and time to let it escape to get back to the tier they can comfortably defeat.

If titans escape while this option is selected, the titan tier can still go down a level. The option simply prevents the titan tier level from increasing. Should the leadership of the alliance desire a bigger challenge (or return to the lost titan tier), they can deselect the option to have the chance to gain titan tiers once again.

It’s not a must-have, but I think it would be a nice tool to have for each alliance’s leadership.

It would be nice if we have an option for the alliance leader to select max titan level that the system wont pass it same as max 12* titan… example we want to stay at 11* and every time a 12* comes we let it go which means we waste a whole day just to go back to 11* and sometimes we let the 11* go cuz we dont want to get 12* rare … so if we got an option to set titan max lvl to 11 for our alliance it would be great option and saves alot of time and boredom


I like this idea - Our Alliance can take down 10* - but everytime an 11* comes - we have to flask or let it go. It would be nice if the alliance leader could set a “max Titan Level” option - and then we could stay at the Titan Level we can beat regularly.

Wasting a day or two every week with Titan’s we can’t beat is just a bummer.


It would be great if alliances could choose their titan (star level / not colour) and loot was tied directly to the star titan. So if an alliance needed to take a breather…select an easier titan (with less loot) so players could stock up on mats and have 3 flags for the next titan (because the easier one is defeated early). If for example an alliance takes down 11s, and build up with extra time after defeating…then the alliance could choose to do 12s and reap the benefits of more/better loot.

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I dont believe it will ever be like that
As there is titan flasks that u can use to kill the titan faster or you can just skip a titan to take a breath, they dont want to make the game easier
Also please change the title of the topic and it should be in the #ideas-feature-requests not general

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Is it an idea to add a button where the leader can limit the titan to a certain level?

The leader can install a max level for the titan. So if he/she puts 13 stars then there will never be a 14 star titan. It will be better for use of materials and for growth from allies.

Of course this will lead to lesser rewards? Please have your input here…

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Is it the same as this:


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Maybe change the title to mine so it is more clear @Guvnor

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hows that?

better in more than 20 ways

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Yes; this is so much needed by most of alliances:

The alliance leader should be able to choose a preferred max level range of titans encountered:

so 90% of the time titans should be in that range and 10% of the time 1 level higher.

My alliance cannot kill 50% of titans cause the game keeps giving us 9* we cannot kill . And asking for help is not good either cause the game give us 10*.


Totally disagree you work together as an alliance to kill it l, if you cant the call is made to stop hitting save flags for the next one.
Times in my alliance we destroy 8* then can kill a 9* with full flags but have difficulty on the next.
We had the same issue between 7* and 8* but over come it as we grow our heros and improve in general

The idea proposed is the you wouldn’t have to make a call to let it go.

If your alliance enjoys hitting 8* and has to let every other 9* go, why not be able to set the alliance to 8* max titans and never get a 9* in the first place? Once your group feels ready to advance, simply change the alliance to 9* max titans and eventually one will show up, as normal. But you’d never see a 10*.

If the top alliances have the ability to endlessly chain 14*, why cant a medium alliance choose to chain 10*?


I see your point of view on it, but the game is more about making progress then being stuck.
We can beat 2 9* in a row depending on colour.
It wouldn’t hurt to have the option I guess as each alliances are different but don’t think mine would use it.

What would people think of Leaders being able to set a “maximum level” for titans for their alliance? So if you know what your alliance can handle as a team they can set that rather than getting titans too strong and wasting basically 24 hours of titan hitting/titan flags. Also would help in cases where an alliance loses a bunch of members and need their next few titans to be a few stars down rather than having to let several go in a row. Alliances that are consistently killing the biggest ones can then just set theirs to “no maximum”


I like you’re reasoning. One of the things I like about this game is that no matter where you are in it, high or low in rankings, there is always a challenge and it’s as fun as if we are competing at the highest levels. I’m hearing 14 * Titans are as high as they go so alliances that can destroy 14s never have to worry about letting one go. Shouldn’t the rest of us have that same experience?


Constantly moving up and down titan lvls gets old. How about creating a lvl freeze button for leaders to keep an alliance on a certain titan lvl.

So they can choose to battle titans as per usual. Or hold the titan lvl at a certain lvl which the alli is happy at.

You mean and fill the chest and getting daily titan loot without having to let one escape. Hell… just freeze it at the lowest level your alliance needs to not waste battle items too! Yeah… not gonna happen…

Why would that be a problem? Could set it low if you want but then your % chance of mats drops. So it is a balancing act. And regarding battle items… when the titan lvl gets too high we know as an alli we are going to let it go so none get used anyway.

Daily titan loot at lower lvls sucks anyway

I really dont see why it would be a big issue.

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