👑 [MASTER] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I know her damage scales with her attack stat, i have some experience with Lady Locke, i will try MLF against Krampus teams, should work fine.

Not quite. The strong elemental defense down heroes are the ones that hit 3, not hit 1. Which is why King Arthur makes quite more seldom appearances than Frida for example. Plus his attack stat is pretty low so I don’t see that being very useful on titans. But at least vs titans Nordri’s attack stat is even lower so yes.

In general, I find this event, as all other with a WE 1 cost stage pretty good since they allow for farming craft&ascension items/recs/coins/xp/feeder heroes all at once. But the portal is mediocre to bad, unless you want to chase Black Knight and Lady of the Lake.

3 coin pulls and first ten brought me nothing new.

I’m aiming at LotL but have zero expectations… Event odds suck

Please, dear staff,

could you make these monthly quests again only 10 stages long.

15 stages is exhausting for players and there is no point to waste our lifes.
I know you dont bother.

Keep thinking of these.



My mini quest for my first Bauchan continues…

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Asked and answered already

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no lucky today …


Unusual luck for me.


If anyone is interested on the summoning result from this portal years ago, a megathread was created way back in April 2018:

So I was going to take a break this time from running Rare Top 1k. My green team isn’t amazing so I thought I’d save my resources and just get top 10k. Issue is I’m my own worst enemy :joy: Epic and Legendary are banked, no need to touch them again. Just rare to manage now…and I’m probably at the limit of what o can do with my team right now.


I thought I’d try again for Bauchan using gems (since I’ve only 3 challenge coins atm)…

When I saw the red flash, I was hoping I might’ve finally gotten Bauchan. :exploding_head:

I’m going to stop trying this Avalon. Once again that goblin has evaded me. :rofl:

Note: This is my second challenge event 5* in 3.5+ years playing. I have been incredibly lucky again. This is very far from a typical summon.


Bauchen would have been nice, but BK will have to do i suppose. :rofl: coongrats @SamMe !


Guess you’ll just have to settle for BK as a consolation prize…


I had a feeling I probably wouldn’t get Bauchan, due to my low number of summons. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Sam-I-Am! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m really disappointed you missed Bauchan.

No one uses BLack Knight, rubbish hero



Actually I have another update. I got yet another legendary.

Congrats! You got the pick of the bunch!

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Do you mind sharing your Rare scores? I’d LOVE a Tabard if I could manage a top 1000 score

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Nice scores again, I went mono green at Rare and Epic to and scored pretty well considering the minimal effort. Just like most people I’ve grown tired of these 15 levels events. Might have to replay some epic levels to stay in for the 2 EHT tokens.

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Wow amazing luck @SamMe congrats once again! BK was my first 5* event I pulled last year and was a game changer back then when I didn’t have as many heroes. To be honest I hardly use him these days, only during war. I used him mostly for the att boost and taunt but later on I managed to get Boldtusk and cRigard so BK is collecting dust now :sweat_smile:

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