[MASTER] Issues with Friend Invites: Did links work properly? How can I tell if an invitation was processed correctly? Why didn't I get any gift for my account after inviting friends? (NOTE: Friends must get to Level 10 before gifts are given)

Sorry to hear they haven’t gotten back to you. :slightly_frowning_face:

That was from weeks ago, right? Maybe check your spam folder and contact them again?

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I am certain an invite I sent to a friend who made Level 10 did not work. Now the same happened to my wife who sent out links to her friends. Total bummer. I feel cheated.

i contacted them because of the same problem many times. they are unable to fix this or give compensation. beside that they always claim it’s your fault no matter if you sent them jpg’s and other evidence that proofs you’re 100% right. they are coming up with the same standard phrases and that there’s no bug (and again) that it’s your fault. absolutely INCOMPETENT threshold workers there. and totally wrong of course

You are correct bepohal. I submitted a case and the response was basically I don’t understand the requirements of the invites. There’s a gap I’m their programming logic behind this but they aren’t digging to find it.


Using emulators (such as Bluestacks) is currently not against our Terms of Service, so your friend won’t get banned for using them. However, we cannot guarantee that the Friend Invite will work as it is meant to use for iOS and Android devices.


Hello everyone I invited a friend she’s now at level 13 and I got no rewards ?

I generated a link on my app and shared it. She has never played this game before. Started using the link I gave. Now the player is at level 12 but she still has not got any promised goods… I do have not got any good either. Her user is Kärbse Kärt and I am Farinne.

Please help!

I also followed all the instructions to receive prizes.

my friend has the level.

as of today, there is nothing else but gems


@Jollyfrog lucky you that you got gems… I even thought to buy the VIP but wanted to try it out first … didn’t get it won’t buy it… at least I can keep my money for other things… a bit low to advertise and then underdeliver

Hey Guys i invited a Friend to the Game but now he is on Level 8 and in his Profile is “you play without an friend invite”

@Gimlione I think that message shows if there was some reason the initial invitation wasn’t valid.

This Support article has a list of requirements:

I Didn’t Receive the Reward/Invite Failed!

The reason why the invite can fail or the rewards are not given can be due to many reasons:

  • The player who is invited needs to be a new player and starts the game from the beginning
  • The player who is invited has never installed Empires & Puzzles before on their device; The current system is able to tell whether or not the invited person is a new player. If it detects the invited person is already an existing user then it will not register the invite
  • The link was incorrect (written wrong or altered in any way)
  • You can only receive the reward when your friends join the game through your link
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Ok found the Problem! Thanks @zephyr1

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Sì quando fai invito per pass vip la persona che ai invitato deve raggiungere il livello dieci ,ma non della mappa ma del suo accaunt

Mmy friend is now 24 lvl and i instalher from line what i send her and mé and she dont have competions

two my friends have received invitation from me. from first I got gifts when he reached 10 th level but from the second friend when he reached 10 th level, I received nothing. can u help me in this case?

he sent me a screenshot but nothing has come.

I have screenshot and how can send it to u?

@face The Forum is for peer support between players.

Here’s how to contact Support directly:

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Ive tried to go in the games support to report bug, the option to report doesnt come up

To contact Support, you go to Options > Support > Support.

That will bring you to the Support website, where you click the menu and then “Submit a request.”

Instructions can be found here: https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000542934-How-to-Contact-Support-v1-9-7-onwards-

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