[MASTER] Issues with Friend Invites: Did links work properly? How can I tell if an invitation was processed correctly? Why didn't I get any gift for my account after inviting friends? (NOTE: Friends must get to Level 10 before gifts are given)

Thanks, was wondering why my wife wasn’t showing up lol

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Not working… after new account has been reach level 10 as they said…

@admin I didn’t receive my reward for inviting someone they reached lvl 5 n got there reward I didn’t receive mine

Get it at lv10, lv5 for your friends if i read it correctly!

You are correct thank you. I feel it should both be 5 or both be 10.

I play in Empires and puzzles. Please help me. I invited my friend in game Empires and puzzles and he is 5 Level. He didn’t get gifts. What should I do with it?

@Tuba1986 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

It looks like there’s a screen they should see under Inbox > Invites that shows if they weren’t eligible for the invite.

Can you have them check there, and see if they see something like this?

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Yes, that’s exactly what is written. Only in Russian

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My guess then is they either had tried and quit the game at some point, or the link didn’t work originally for some reason.

I’m not sure if there’s any solution to that, but you could try contacting Support to ask.

Please help me. I invited my friend in game Empires and puzzles and he is 5 Level. He didn’t get gifts. What should I do with it?Thanks!

I believe they have to reach lvl 10

the first time is successful, and the second time to another person failed

Maybe this topic helps.

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Thanks, @Olmor, merged. I had brought in another post from @Tuba1986 to here already, but hadn’t seen that one yet. :heart_decoration:

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Thank you for your attention. I have already sent to the technical support team. I have not received any response so far. They seem to be not interested.

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Sorry to hear they haven’t gotten back to you. :slightly_frowning_face:

That was from weeks ago, right? Maybe check your spam folder and contact them again?

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I am certain an invite I sent to a friend who made Level 10 did not work. Now the same happened to my wife who sent out links to her friends. Total bummer. I feel cheated.

i contacted them because of the same problem many times. they are unable to fix this or give compensation. beside that they always claim it’s your fault no matter if you sent them jpg’s and other evidence that proofs you’re 100% right. they are coming up with the same standard phrases and that there’s no bug (and again) that it’s your fault. absolutely INCOMPETENT threshold workers there. and totally wrong of course

You are correct bepohal. I submitted a case and the response was basically I don’t understand the requirements of the invites. There’s a gap I’m their programming logic behind this but they aren’t digging to find it.


Using emulators (such as Bluestacks) is currently not against our Terms of Service, so your friend won’t get banned for using them. However, we cannot guarantee that the Friend Invite will work as it is meant to use for iOS and Android devices.


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