[MASTER] Issues with Friend Invites: Did links work properly? How can I tell if an invitation was processed correctly? Why didn't I get any gift for my account after inviting friends? (NOTE: Friends must get to Level 10 before gifts are given)


Why do not I get my reward with proof of photos so I can get all the details of the account I have rescheduled to send him a call Screenshot_%D9%A2%D9%A0%D9%A1%D9%A9%D9%A0%D9%A2%D9%A1%D9%A6-%D9%A2%D9%A2%D9%A1%D9%A5%D9%A3%D9%A6 Screenshot_%D9%A2%D9%A0%D9%A1%D9%A9%D9%A0%D9%A2%D9%A1%D9%A6-%D9%A2%D9%A2%D9%A1%D9%A5%D9%A4%D9%A4


Perhaps is best if you contact support from inside the game app and send them the screenshots explaining what happened.


I did this but did not receive any response


Give them some time, it’s the weekend by Monday/Tuesday you’ll receive a reply. I’ve contacted support before and they do reply :blush:


Thanks I’ll wait :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


Has anyone received the free 100 gems and VIP for inviting friends? I’ve had 2 friend pass experience level 10, but no rewards.

The Ridiculous Complaints thread

I did not get anything and I know they will tell me that my friend made a mistake in receiving the invitation :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: I think this loses confidence


I received a reply for not getting my invite credit. I was told since im the only one having issues it isnt a bug.


I have not received any response yet


I was told none of your complaints mean anything as you are not small giant staff. The have assured me there are no bugs and make it sound as though we do not know how to send or click links.


can’t sign in to contact SG support on my mobile phone. isn’t it the same account as in the forum here (email and PW)?
want to tell them that i sent an invite but no one didn’t get a reward after reaching the necessitating levels.


I tried to invite a friend to this game, but the invite sent an option only for an Apple device and my friend has an Android phone


I got a similar response from SG.

Basically, they were saying that they did not find any issue with the system. So it must have been either my friend or me who made a mistake.


Hi, I invited two friends and they downloaded the game. I did not get the VIP pass as mentioned in the website. Please let me know if something is wrong and when I will get my pass.


They need to get to level 10 before you receive your rewards.


I’m in contact with SG since a week. got 3 responses so far, fulfilled ALL the criteria they listed me on how to get the rewards but all they say is: “you get it if you do bla bla bla and the invitee didn’t bla bla bla”.
i said he and also me did everything right and they respond with the same ridiculous nonsense.
between the lines SG isn’t interested not even a bit in fixing this problem or compensate for promising rewards and then give a sh*t about it.
pathetic company policy as they do it multiple times to a lot of (paying) customers!!


How do you invite friends with Android? I can only send an Apple link?


Do my friends need to reach a certain lvl before I get my rewards?


Yes, your friends need to reach Level 10 before you are eligible for rewards from them.


Thanks, was wondering why my wife wasn’t showing up lol