[MASTER] Issues with Friend Invites: Did links work properly? How can I tell if an invitation was processed correctly? Why didn't I get any gift for my account after inviting friends? (NOTE: Friends must get to Level 10 before gifts are given)

I believe the iOS version is still bugged:

Unfortunately when Support granted us the VIP reward (which I was very grateful for), they said it was a one time deal. My friend followed the link and downloaded the game too and it’s too late to go back… can we still submit a support ticket even though they said “one time deal”? Any chance of them granting us a second VIP reward (which they should, as it would work if it wasn’t glitched)?

I’ve no idea, I’m afraid. This is one of those situations where it’s probably better to submit a ticket and ask what they’ll do before your friend gets invested in the new account. It’s after hours on Friday in Finland, though, so I would doubt they’ll get back to you before Monday or Tuesday.

I invite some friends and 3 of them are level 10 or more but no bonus, i send a few days ago an suport mesage but no answer. Who can help me ?Screenshot_20190603-112042_Empires

Hello, I have a problem. I send a link with an invitation to my friends who have not played Empire and Puzzles yet and after clicking on the link they received a LOGO appears on which there are 2 options. After clicking on which one, nothing reacts. Last week on 2nd June when I invited a colleague, after clicking the link, he took him to the google play page and downloaded the game after reaching the level of 10 I got the prize.Today I send the invitation to another and nothing can be done because I do not react after clicking the link from the invitation. Only the screen with 2 options Install and Play or I already have Empires & Puzzles - no matter what you choose, nothing happens. here is the link with the invitation https://invite.empiresandpuzzles.com/4P91843

The second problem, how is it possible that the player TORNADO has done twice revenge the enemy and took me twice points? After all, the enemy’s revenge can only be done once! I checked his nickname and his alliance and the same player (I did not make a mistake) everything is OK !!
I am asking for a quick response because friends want to join me through my invitation.
Thank you for your best regards.

Hi @plumers, welcome the Forum!

The Forum is primarily for player peer support, so no one here can help you with an account or device issue, since we’re all just fellow players.

You should contact Support directly. Here are instructions:

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Same here…my friend reach the level 10 and he didnt received nothing also even if he should receive gift when reached level 5​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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@Flor3ntina :slightly_smiling_face:

You may visit this one to check what happened.


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I have send some invitations using my samsung galaxy A6+ and my friends have Samsung and Huawei phones, so we’re all on Android. How can it be they all receive a link to the Aplle app store?

Пригласил в игру через свою ссылку через соц сеть ВК в игру. По достижении условий 10 уровня игрока не получил обещанный бонус. Прошу помочь разобраться и помочь мне в данной ситуации.

Translation by mod, via Google Translate:
Invited to the game through his link through the social network VC in the game. Upon reaching the conditions of level 10, the player did not receive the promised bonus. Please help understand and help me in this situation.

Please note that the language of the forum is mostly English. If you want to post in a language other than English, please post in the #foreign-languages section of the forum.

Hello dear administration please help, thanks for earlier. I invited my girlfriend to the game, threw off her link through the VC social network in a personal message. When the conditions of level 10 are reached, the player, that is, I, did not receive the promised bonus. Please help me in this situation.


There are no restrictions for Friend Invite to work between different operating systems or devices. In other words, the Friend Invite link will work if it is activated properly and used within the terms of the feature, whether it is sent from iOS to Android or vice versa.

The invite link should automatically redirect you to Google Play store. If you are e.g. trying to launch the game using Chrome as the default browser and it sends you to iOS App Store, please try another web browser e.g. Firefox.

If you mean that the Invite link has a message saying “Featured by Apple” or something similar, this is just an advertisement, as they are featuring Empires & Puzzles in their App Store.


SGG has just made the “tutorial” mandatory, a screen pops up, and just like the in game tutorial, I can’t skip it.

I would like to be able to skip, it’s annoying to have to go to the Invite Friends Menu every time I log into the game.

Should I start a new thread in Requests & New Features section?

Yup. Since it’s “working as intended,” that’s a #ideas-feature-requests. I’ll sign on. It was annoying to have to go through without being skippable.

Hi, refer to the topic, i also dont get any reward for invite friend. My friend already reach level 10. Please help me On this issue. My name in game Killer1Borneo and my friend name TheStorm Allies OlympusGods.

Hola a mí me pasó lo mismo , entré al juego por el enlace de invitación , pero en el juego me dice que juego sin invitación . Qué solución darán ??

I invited one friend to received the VIP for 10 days. His nickname is Shofy. He past lvl 10 but i didn’t received my rewards. It’s not OK. Please help me, thnks. Have a nice day

The link works, i didn’t have problems with the game /link. The account received gems when he past lvl 5 experience, but i didn’t received when he past lvl 10… Why?

Hello, i invited one friend (nickname “shofy”)… He past level 10, but me i didn’t received my rewards for this. Please help me, it’s not OK.

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