[MASTER] Issues with Friend Invites: Did links work properly? How can I tell if an invitation was processed correctly? Why didn't I get any gift for my account after inviting friends? (NOTE: Friends must get to Level 10 before gifts are given)

the title of the topic does not explain well, practically in my ally have had all the excuses from smallgiant (with a relative gift) 4 the malfunction occurred recently, I nothing. now I have invited a lot of friends and one I am sure that he installed the game and gifts no sign

does anyone know why this happens?


@Jollyfrog If you were impacted by the recent server outages, contact Support to report it, and they can help you out.

Here are the instructions for contacting Support:

Your friends need to reach level 10

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Ah ok
Thanks for ansewers

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i invate 2 friends, but game didnt give me BONUS.

They need to play and get to lvl 10 to what has been posted here.

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As @parallelsys and @PrismaticAlbatraoz said, your invited friends need to reach Level 10. The tooltip in the game has details:


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I sent invitations and received calls from them and did not send the air that deserved

Sent a link to my sister. She used link and She is playing empires but I didnt get a reward of gems.

read the ? Tool Mark next to Invite a Friend…“Invites are successful when your friends reach experience level 10” @Wolfie


I sent invites but its not letting them play. It keeps telling them to update the game which they just installed & there is no update for them to update :roll_eyes:

Wow lvl ten? I am not even lvl 10


I have created an invite link and sent it to 4 friends who have never played E&P. I was present when they each opened their emails (they are family and we did it as a group); clicked on the link, the link redirected to the Google Play store (3 are Android and one is IOS), they loaded the game and then completed the tutorial. After completing the tutorial each checked their Invites tab under the game mailbox. Of the 4 accounts two (both on Android) showed that they loaded the game from my invite and two (one Android and one IOS) had the message that they had started playing E&P without a friend invite.


  1. How do we link/get credit for a new user if the original process did not work?
  2. Can a new user tell if the invite link worked before having to complete the tutorial. If not there should be a status message added to the tutorial to confirm the invite so the user can uninstall and reinstall (or whatever the fix is) to get the invite working before going through the tutorial. The tutorial was taking about 30-45 minutes for these new users to get all the way through and that is a big waste of time if it will need to be done again to fix this issue.

This previous post was merged just after it was posted. This post is NOT the same as the topic in this thread. Although they both concern the new invite feature this post is about a bug and the one it was merged with is about reading and understanding how the invites work.

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Im sending invites to messenger that return no success anyone have a reason this maybe happening?


Invited tons of friends. Around 20. Many invites didn’t worked… I hope at least three of them works + reach level 10.

Sent an invite to a friend through her Gmail account . She clicked the link and then download the game in play store. She is at level 6 without the said reward when at level 5 and when she checked the invite status…the screenshot attached is what came up. Can anyone please shed more light on this? She clicked the LINK from the invite.! Screenshot_2019-02-14-00-33-39|281x500