[MASTER] - Is the rare Quest cancelled for this week?

Yeah i agree this makes ME look like a right mug

No idea what they playing at


You’re such a mug!


I have sent it to mod chat :roll_eyes: on the situation . Prob wont hear anything to monday as weekend.

Sorry folks farm s4 for fun


Bizarre that we had that stack of big events all running simultaneously a few days ago, but now we have nothing and they still cant give a Rare.


Theyre selling it first :money_mouth_face::unamused:
Choose your ascention

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Guaranteed if Atlantis was on we’d have it now


eh it’s the weekend, they’re chilling, if they were losing money then they’d be addressing the issue but if anything they’re actually making money cause rare mats are for sale right now and longer players wait for the quest, the more enticing the offers are…

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ask on Monday one extra to be out :wink:

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Another chance for it to spawn later in about 3 hrs, I really hope it does.
It’s ridiculous why it hasn’t while we have nothing else to do except for S4 farming.

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Very strange that it hasn’t shown up yet, usually it’s the first or second one to show once the challenge event blocking it is over

I guess their rare-during-challenge-event blocking algorithm just bugged out big time. Best reason to completely get rid of it. And to also manually pop an extra rare quest @Petri to compensate for you mistake, and lie (though probably unintentional but time still showed it was a wrong statement that it should’ve come on the 8th or 9th).
I feel bad for @Dudeious.Maximus who had to pass SGG erroneous communication…


I don’t blame the community mod that do service for the player base, but I feel disrespected and treated with utter contempt that they don’t even bother to release official statement to lie in your face, they secretly DM the community mod and make them spread the lie.

They don’t have the gut/bother to even face the player base, treating ppl with respect by proper communication. It was exactly the same thing last SE was delay (not current one). Back then I already called out they wouldn’t even come out with a statement but leak DM to community mod. What a disgusting behavior.


Thanks for the kind words @Enoikos11 @Elioty33

Trials appeared on it own so that didn’t cancel any other quest so that programed in … The other quest battle items (thinking of the top me head) once that ends will it be a rare quest?

  • Yes
  • No
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Why give what they can sell.


I don’t even think it’s malicious, it’s an oversight. There’s always higher priorties. Which possibly makes it worse. I’d hope they’ll trigger a second rare quest this week to compensate.


You do make a valid point, money can buy anything in this game now, unfortunately.

Changing Tides

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Sadly now we see it’s not. Find Recruits II and not even an ETT in it. Boo! Hiss!


I would like to see the rare quest show up please. A makeup quest wouldn’t hurt either :wink:

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This find recruts II that pop up today has token?

Sadly the rare quest didn’t appeared :frowning:

Taking the token away is… words that will get me flagged