[Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

I was looking in this section if already someone mentioned that problem, but I haven’t found anything


The English description says the caster or his allies need to get hit to increase his attack stats and his final damage. (that’s how it works)

The German translation says pretty much the opposite. The first part is still correct, it says his attack stats increase when the caster or his allies get hit.
But the second part is completely wrong, it says the caster and his allies need to hit the enemy to increase the final damage.

I’m playing most of the time in english, so I wasn’t really aware about that, but in the last time I spoke with a lot of people who have no idea how that pig really works because of the wrong description and are always surprised why the damage isn’t increased although they moved a lot of stones.

I know there are a lot of minor translation errors, some spelling mistakes or weird wording, but most of them aren’t really a problem, it’s not perfect but nothing that really influences the game. And translating everything in a lot of languages is probably not easy.
But this translation error has a huge impact on how people play with the hero, it’s the complete opposite from what you should do.

I hope it can get fixed in the near future, thanks.

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It must be a graphic bug, in all cards i can’t see the letter “S” Anymore.

CoSto Squadra

And so on

I see what you mean @Dagoberto . Hopefully they can get this fixed correctly…and soon.


Someone closed my original topic thinking I was writing about the missing description from Beta. Nope. There is an obvious mistake in the Polish version.

Russula’s English description - she CAN’T receive ststus effects or stacks. Polish translation - she CAN.

Please don’t close this thread.

I have no idea who translates this game, or how to contact them, but our version in horribly done. There are heroes in this game that have the same wording in their descriptions. In Polish, it seams, each hero gets his own language. “Dispell” is translated in many ways for example. S3 was clearly translated by a different team, but even among s3 heroes there is no congruency.

Any idea who should look into this?

Posting this in foreign language section doesn’t make sense, so I’m reposting in Bugs.

AGAIN - this in not about the missing part, but about MISTAKES that make our version a pain.

Sucks that the translation is so poor.

But it needs to be merged with [Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

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In polish translation the name of super healing potion in PoV (it is “super eliksir uzdrawiający”) does not agree with the name of this potion in forge (it is “extra eliksir uzdrawiający”)

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@Petri @KiraSG I noticed that Portuguese Ratatoskr card has an issue with the info after some of last updates, the card says that he alters the fire (fogo) stones instead the nature (natureza) stones:

Correct, English translation

Wrong Portuguese translation, should be write “natureza”, and not “fogo”

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Here are some translation errors I found on hero cards from English to French :


The first part of the CS is “Redonne 50% de PV aux alliés à qui il reste moins de 50% de PV”
This means that the healing will be 50% for all allies who have less than 50% of their health.
But the CS in english is " Heals all allies who have less than 50% HP left to 50% health. "
In french it should be translated by “Restaure la santé de tous les alliés qui ont moins de la moitié de leur PV jusqu’à 50% de leur PV maximum.” Or something like this.


The second part of the CS is “Tous les ennemis reçoivent la même quantité de dégâts pendant 4 tours.”
This means that all enemies receive the same amount of damage but it does not specify that the damage is shared between all enemies.
But the CS in english is “All ennemies share received damage with each other for 4 turns.”
In french it should be translated by “Tous les ennemis partagent les dégâts entre eux pendant 4 tours.” Like in the first part of the CS.

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Japanese text:

The caster reflects 100% of the damege and status ailments to all enemies for 3 turns.”

This means that when Elradir uses the skill, he will reflect all stat effects and damage, so anyone can’t kill him for 3 turns.

@Petri , @KiraSG , @mhalttu
This is just one example, but the Japanese translation is very bad.
I just submitted a support ticket.
I can cooperate with the translation into Japanese, so please provide a high quality translation.


Please correct the error for all heroes with similar skills.
Thank you.

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Please switch the 2 numbers on the graph.

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incorrect translation into Polish.
It is confusing, incomprehensible, and contrary to the original English language.
the correct entry should read:

• Zadaje 235% obrażeń wszystkimi przeciwnikom.
• Wszyscy wrogowie z dającym się rozproszyć wzmocnieniem generowania many otrzymują -54% generowania many na 4 tury. Oczyszczanie tego efektu nie jest możliwe.
• Wszyscy wrogowie są odporni na nowe wzmocnienia przez 4 tury.
• Spoiwo Żywiołów zwiększa o +10% regenerację zdrowia wszystkim sojusznikom mroku przez 4 tury. Tego efektu nie da się oczyścić.

Please correct the description, players don’t understand it

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I mean dude, your translation is not good at all. “dającym się rozproszyć”? what does that even mean? It should be “z dającym się odwołać”, “z odwoływalnym”.
The original translation is not correct, I mean it is just wrong. It says that enemies receive cleansable -54% mana generation which cannot be cleansed.
The correct translation would be:
• Zadaje 235% obrażeń wszystkim przeciwnikom.
• Wszyscy wrogowie z odwoływalnym wzmocnieniem generowania many otrzymują -54% generowania many na 4 tury. Oczyszczenie tego efektu nie jest możliwe.
• Wszyscy wrogowie są odporni na nowe wzmocnienia przez 4 tury.
• Spoiwo żywiołów zwiększa o +10% regenerację zdrowia wszystkim sojusznikom mroku przez 4 tury. Odwołowanie tego efektu nie jest możliwe.

btw wack hotm

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it can be as you write, but to correct the description in Polish.
It is hardly understandable now.

Gunnar’s alternative costume in Portuguese is wrong. His ability steel link shares the damage amongst the enemy party not the player’s heroes.

My letter is incorrect, where it’s underlined in red, it should say DEFENSE, right?
Sorry the letter is in Portuguese language

Correct, both defense and attack down

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There is a translation error, the English version is 720 HP over 4 turns, the Chinese version is 4 HP over 720 turns.