[Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

To keep this type of post together I’m collecting posts suggesting better in game translations to other languages. I’ll leave the thread on the Brawler package separate so folks can still find that easily.

Ideally, please attach a screenshot of the dialog in question as well.


Hello, in the personal profile page of the game it says:

“hai guadagnato xxxx dell’esperienza necessaria per il prossimo livello”

Replace with

“Ti manca xxxx di esperienza per raggiungere il prossimo livello”

Currently the message is saying the opposite, but actually it’s the experience TO next level, not FROM the previous level

originally posted Oct 26
reported as corrected!


There is a mistake in the translation to russian of the rules of the Save the winter quest.
The second sentence sais - Такие щиты можно использовать в атаке. - that means that frosted shields can be used for attack, and that is wrong, because they cannot :slight_smile:
The wright phrase must be - Такие щиты нельзя использовать в атаке.

Thank you for reporting, we will look into these.

I would ask you, if possible, to attach always a screenshot of the dialog (this will help us in identifying the string).

Edit: regarding @Pier’s report, this has been already fixed in the latest update.


The Translation is definitly wrong:

Should be like this: “Alle Verbündeten erhalten %ATT Angriff für 5 Züge und %BONUS Erhöhung jedes Mal wenn Sie getroffen werden”
This post was originally from Oct 30-Coppersky

Cross posting, as it is an issue of clarity of description

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Norwegian text:
påføre 355% skade på en enkel fiende og de får -100% helbredelse mottatt i 4 turer, det kan ikke staves feil. Allierte i nærheten får +94% forsvar mot natur i 4 turer.


inflict 355% damage to a single enemy and they receive -100% healing received in 4 turns, it can not be spelled wrong. Allies in the area receive + 94% defense against nature in 4 turns.

I expect that those who are quoted in bold should not be included in the text


Haha thats a great translation bug!

Hello guys,
maybe it is the right time to change the russian translation of the word “member”, which is called “член” ?

It is right translated, but “член” in russian also means “■■■■” xD)))). Weird but true.
The problem is, that there are just this 3 choices: member, elder and co-leader. If there would be more grades it would be fine and funny. But right now, just few ppl. like to be “член”. And you cant give all member the elder grade, cause of the rights to accept or deny applications.

We have asked our russian community 1 month ago, if they like it or if they want to have an other word for member.

~ 70% would prefer to change it.

“Участник” is the better word for “member”, after we analyzed the comentaries to this vote.

I think it’s not big deal to change the translation and would be great. Personally i would like to see more grades in the alliances. Just as words, without extra rights.

Best Regards
РЕГИТ (Regit)


I have moved your post to the existing thread. Thanks for noticing this!

Then we have a new traslation error on norwegian card, and it is the same error as on Perserus erlier on this topick.


En enkelt fiende mottar 700 skade i 4 turer og får -54% managenerering i fire turer og de kan ikke stave feil. Gir ekstra skade mot naturen.


A single enemy receives 700 damage in 4 trips and receives -54% manageneration for four trips and they can’t spell it wrong. Gives extra damage to nature.

What is written in bold shall not be printed on card. This is also a hero of the month.

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In russian version nature heroes named is “Герои Природы”. But on picture of heroes write “Стихия” True translate is “Природа”.
Please change it in next update of app.
Also summon green hero named as “Призыв Стихий”, but should be called “Призыв природы”.

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In Polish translation there is misleading description after Titan is defeated. Right now there is “PORAŻKA” instead of “POKONANY”

Our Alliance (Hushars) defeated Titan 7 * Glacial titan 7 hours ahead of time. What was the surprise when no one received the expected prize only insignificant items. A + as always had the worst.
What turned out, however, we received information that the fight with titanium ended in failure ???
please explain and verify.
everyone in the Alliance have last updated the latest version of the software.
The card is included.


@Petri can you please take a look at this?

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I would like to apologize for the incorrectly worded question regarding the error in the game.

It was not a mistake in the game that turned out to be a problem but a possible ambiguity in understanding the inscription on titan after the end of the fight.

The word PORAŻKA" FAILURE “Defeat” suggests that it lost the player and not Titan and can affect each party, and because instead of expected useful items 30 people in the Alliance and especially A + and A (which is already the norm) got only things that are passed when the Titan escapes from hence the presumption that the system marked this fight as lost by the Alliance and won by the titan. I suggest in the Polish version to change the description on Titan and also in duels from (Defeat - Porażka) to Defeated- POKONANY and Winner - Zwycięzca (for duels)

Sorry once again

Seems like a translation error then, I’ll move this to the translation issues topic and we’ll look into this! Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:

On heroes skill write “Восстановите”, must be “Восстановливает”