[Master] - In Game Chat Improvements - Share your Thoughts & Ideas Here

Master Thread of In Game Chat Improvements

Over the course of this Forum’s Existance there have been many requests made regarding improving the In Game Chat Feature.

This Thread is aimed at getting them all together in one spot to decrease the duplicate threads being created.

:slight_smile: Emoji’s

Current thread showing the existing “Emoji” : In-Game Emoji code list

Request thread to allow/ enable normal Emoji Keyboard:

:crossed_swords: Additional Alliance Chats.

:speech_balloon: Private Messages

:link: Allow Hyperlinks

:clipboard: Copy & Paste Function

:memo: Formatting / Line Breaks (Multiple Lines)

:scroll: Expand Box when Typing (Remove need to scroll backwards)

:arrow_up: Increase/ remove restriction on Character LImit

:timer_clock: Start Reading at Last Message Read

:asterisk: Ping / “@” / Mention an Alliance Member

:man_farmer: Make Chat Available While Farming

:nerd_face: Chat Tutorial

:camera_flash: Pop-Up Alliance Feature Message

:eyes: Change Default Chat from GC to Alliance Recruitment

:speaking_head: In Game Language Translation


:world_map: Global Chat Improvements/ Changes

+ :one: More Chat Rooms

:globe_with_meridians: Various Language Requests

Great job, thanks! :slight_smile:

I think it would be a great idea to have recruiting tabs in the global chat. Split into trophy groups.
0-500 trophies
500-1500 trophies
1500-above trophies

Having 3 or 4 group would definitely spread the advertising out and Slow the channels down. Everyone would be able to narrow the search down and actually accomplish the goal of recruiting a new member.

Like anyone is gonna follow them rules with the others in global chat!

Make some improvements to the chat already!!! How hard can it be? Chat has been around forever…

Really interested to see what recommendations you suggest that would improve chat?

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That’s how I feel about the forum search function :man_shrugging:t3:

Feel free to contribute to any of the above threads advocating specific areas of improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

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Chat improvements are pretty intuitive. Think about any Chat, anywhere you use it. Think about text messaging, etc… Just a few samples:

  1. give us a bigger review area than the 15 character viewing section
  2. allow us to go back and edit comments
  3. attached the emoji keyboard to the chat abilities
  4. allow the badge counter to disappear if we just expand the the white chat bubble
  5. allow direct messaging
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100% with you on the suggestion to being able to go back and edit chat

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I would be great if iOS users could do line breaks in the alliance banner and chats. Something like adding // after a word would trigger a line break.

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Moderator Translation - Guvnor
Hello, I would like to ask for the implementation of a private chat, since players who do not speak the same language enter the various alliances, it could be an idea to talk to them privately …
Sometimes nn you can communicate properly, especially x attacks in wars …
Thanks and good morning

Original text

Buongiorno, vorrei chiedere l’implementazione di una chat privata, poiche’ nelle varie alleanze entrano giocatori che non parlano la stessa lingua, potrebbe essere un’idea x parlare con costoro privatamente…
A volte nn si riesce a comunicare in modo adeguato, soprattutto x gli attacchi nelle guerre…
Grazie e buongiorno

The game need, friends ndship chat, and Allianz to Allianz for team playing and helping by titans

External chat is your friend…

Hi, I suggest that players can create bundles of iron or food in sizes of tiny, medium or large. This they can use when needed.
This will help if a player generates more food or iron that they can use up now, instead of wasting it make bundles of it similar to the ones received as rewards in Path of Valor.
No one looses or wastes what they generate.

Chat needs more features,
For eg;

  • Be able to react and respond to individual messages,
    similar to facebook comment section.
  • Be able to message players individually.
  • Include emojis.

I agree with what you are saying, but players have been asking for this type of comms improvement for as long as I can remember.
I doubt very much that it will come soon.
Your best bet is to set up a Facebook group, Line or Discord.
Whatever you choose to do good luck

GC have different rooms (General, Peer Support, Recruitment, Xp, Off-topic)

It could be possible to create a different room inside the ally chat? So, leaders can choose who can view each room (like 1 room for all members, other for elder+ or Co-leader+). Maybe this way we can filter messages and keep the most importants safe.

It would be nice and xciting to chat wd ur opponent… lol hows that sound?

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We do it frequently in Line app. Not sure how that would work in game (maybe another chat channel?), but that might be exciting!

Some thoughts: how would this work? Is it always “on”? Or must both alliances press a button to “accept”?


Some alliances you might want the abillty to mute it.

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