[Master] - Improving Rare Titans

That would be super nice! :exploding_head:

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Easiest way to farm those mats is popping over into a stand-alone guild and killing low level titans —

One or two harpoons per kill, normal amount of ‘bits’

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I have not received a 4* ascension material from a rare titan for about 6 months. 11-13*, always in top5. Nada, zero… as someone proposed, should increase the changes … do we actually know the % for dropping 4* mats? … is not a reward as we actually fight for it, using flasks, battles items etc.

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If slow motion of titan can be quickened please? It takes like 5 sec. to start to move tiles after titan mana filled :thinking:

There is a chance to get it from event or quest…:thinking:

Can we please get rare titans that have a Damascus and Tome for the special bonus drop? We’re seriously lacking those two materials from titans/event rewards, etc.


My alliance just defeated a 12* rare titan. I did almost 600k damage, which was almost 3x the damage the next best damage dealer did, and my loot was worse than my loot from our last escaped titan. Seriously. This is a really bad, frustrating system, and they should really change it. I’ve been playing for a while now and have never received the ascension material from a rare titan.

Hello guys,
Kindly ask to reconsired making Rare titan with Damascus and Tome.

It’s not a big deal for in-game economy, since those titans will appear once in two months.
Though it’ll be a great treat for a community.

Thank you!


I thought it was only me seeing this problem. I haven’t seen an ascension material from a rare titan in months. I’m usually scoring in top 3. I just threw 30 harpoons today with a rare titan and nothing. Ridiculous

2 years this month and I’ve never had the bonus ascension from a rare.

I mean, it’s become a funny alliance thing now. When a rare pops up I wish whoever gets my bonus item the best.

But just one day…I’d like to get it :laughing:

I like the idea that throwing harpoons would increase your odds of a bonus 4* material drop.

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I just think the top 3 should get it guaranteed and everyone after be random and the rates be a bit more giving. The stingy percentages really hurt the fun if the game.

I disagree with your thought. Guaranteeing it to top finishers could lead to less cooperative play within an alliance or alliances breaking into smaller groups so more get a guaranteed item. Everyone should have a shot at the bonus items if they participate.

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Time I’ve been playing: 20 months
Times I have gotten a 4* Ascension Item from a Rare Titan after putting in an A+ effort: 0 out of 6
Times I have gotten a 4* Ascension Item from any lesser effort on a Rare Titan: 0 out of…???
Times I have gotten a 4* Ascension Item from a C effort on a standard Titan: 6 out of…???
Times I have gotten a 4* Ascension Item from an A or B effort on a standard Titan: estimated about 12 out of… ???
Times I have gotten a 4* Ascension Item from an A+ effort on a standard Titan: 0 out of… ???

Moral of the Story: Always do your best to help your alliance on any Titan, but don’t knock yourself out & waste a bunch of Battle Items doing it because it’s just not worth it. In fact if my singular experience tells me anything you can phone it in and expect better results. :rofl:

gm folks, bad rewards! from titan rare!! they didn’t even give me emblems, some one else happened this issue?Im the first place on the atack score.

Bad screenshot as we couldn’t see the loot tier, but mostlikely because of a reduced loot tier.

However, I have also seen 3x 4* mats from an rare titan so there must be both sides for RNG.


It is more than a year since i last got the bonus item from any rare titan and we are chaining 14*s without skippers. Rares are not special at all for me, they give 20 emblems and thats all i ever get from them.

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