[Master] - Improve Titan Loot

You know what yeah I did lol about a week ago so thinking about it this is the reduced loot for rare titan loot :rofl::man_facepalming:t3: my bad but still a joke. I literally got nothing


This titan loot seems odd, whether Rare or regular Titan… BUT, can happen for multiple reasons.

If you feel it is odd / some issue with the loot, then, apart from this forum, it would be better to flag this issue directly via the game App & seek out a direct reply from SG !

I think it would be good to review the prizes of the Titan chests, it is not normal that doing more than 100% damage than the second classified in the attacks on the Titan, the prize for it is worse than that of the second, even worse than who It does 20% damage, but what is absurd is that the prize chest is higher for a Titan that escaped than for making the highest score and killing it.
It is those things in this game that are not understood.
As a sample, there are the videos.

How get free a titans rewards?


Why I’ve been getting better Materials etc from Mystic vision than Titan loot/ chest?. Is this some type of Joke?. I mean come on SG. I believe that everything in this game is “Ramdon” but I’ve Face over 40/50 14* Titan including Rare and the Loot is Completely Absurd. Am I missing something?. I thought the Higher the titan the better. But is ironic that users get better loot with 8-12* titans. What’s up with that?.

Instead of bringing more Heros why don’t you guys fix this up a little THEN bring new heros etc. In the mean time COMEN ON!. Users are really gonna get Tired at some point.

Hope this geta anywere “HOPE”.

Sorry to say, but it’s working as intended, no bug at all.
Maybe better search for a rant thread instead…
Wish you better luck with your future titans. :vulcan_salute:

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I’ll just give you my idea for a general level loot improvement on titans.
Titan 12⭐, 2 ascension items from 4⭐ for the top two and 1 alias.
Titans 13⭐ , 3 ascension items from 4⭐ and for the first three ranked and 1 alias.
Titans 14⭐ , 4 ascension items from 4⭐ for the top 4 ranked and 1 alias.
This would change the dynamics of the game and everyone would want to be in the first places, instead of seeing many times A+ not winning anything and C winning good loot.

Sorry, but that’s a bad idea.

Alliances should work together when defeating titans and there should be no internal fight for the first ranks…



Also - it’s only a personal feeling that C Ranks get better loot then A / A+ or B…
Top 1 = A+ = 1 person
Top 2-5 = A = 4 more persons

Means if another maybe 5 are in B as they did enough damage, then there are 20 left in C grade = 66% of all alliance members…
Surely they get better loot as they are more people to spread the chances…
And since the loot rolls are the same on 14 star titans at least, the chances are the same for all…
but you will see more and better loot from C grades (personal feeling as I said…)


Continued loot sadness on the titans.


I got the exact same 4*mats in 2021 than i did in 2020. But I’m way behind in 2022. Maybe I’m not lucky… Maybe they changed the drop rate… But it is noticeable.


All my loot has been garbage for several months. I skip chest and kill 14* titans and I can count on 1 hand how many 4* mats ive got in the last 3 months. How freaking pathetic. But I stopped spending because of SG’s greed, so let them run the game into the ground.


Been counting after the “improved loot” BS. Received 6 TOTAL random 4* mats (so not counting completing S4, rare quests, etc…). Of those 6 items, 2 came from mystic visions. Why even bother with chests and titans. At that rate, I can ascend 3 5* heroes PER YEAR.

Pair that with ZERO 5* S4 heroes pulled after an entire year and all those tokens. Save up gems for ten pulls and my last 3 ten pulls have resulted in zero 5*. Makes F2P/C2P pretty ridiculous. The S1 5* I get from TC20 and HA10 are no match for S3/S4 heroes. Not even worth leveling a basic S1 hero if you can’t emblem them up to 20. Even then, they are almost worthless. Since I don’t spend any $ my opinion doesn’t matter but it has gotten quite ridiculous.

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Same brother, same. And Im killing 14 star titans to boot lol

And is it worth it? It’s the same, the problem remains the same, it comes out more to those who stay C than to those who stay A.


As the topic title says, something has to be changed about “rewards” in a way to reward activity and result because everything became totally pointless.

This is fourth or fifth Titan 13* in a row where I am A+ making over 800k damage and not get even 3* ascention item with one or max two 3* items - dragon banner, dust or root… (titan parts excluded)… In a same time always someone with D and damage below 100k gets 4* ascention item! I am happy about them but also I’m frustrated realising how this game is fu**ing with me!

Not less than seven Mystic vision per day and not a single 4* item in this year! Mostly it’s 1-2 gems and a flask (in most cases minor).

Same thing about wanted missions where didn’t see 4* ascention item for several months (today for 8/8 in raid I got food, iron and gems and nothing else!)…

Tome of tactic didn’t get for year and a half (that’s right, not even single one) if we don’t count Farholme Pass and I’m stuck with heroes!

Coloured chest become real joke - in last five situation no valuable item and I got 13 silver tokens and 2 ETT (without any EHT), and period between them is longer and longer!

So what is the point of this rewards! I’m not expecting every day some good and useful item but this is months without them! I’m expecting at last one 3* ascention item for ~100000 damage at Titan, especially if 4* item is normal for those who are making less than 100k! At least one ToT in a year as regular reward! Or I am expecting too much from this game?

The worst thing in whole story is that definitely I’m not lonely!

Edit: This are latest “rewards” for A+ and 800k at 13* titan!


Wishful thinking, but I agree. The game is outgrown all the flimsy rewards that it started with and there has been neither hide nor hair from staff mentioning a buff to preexisting quests or loot. With the introduction of crates, the food challenges need to be updated. They don’t even have to change the challenge, just update the code to have different rewards generate.


But what is most important is fact that if I have ordinary phone and not at last fablet you almost don’t see your farms, mines, camps, storages etc. or can’t use them since their offers are all over the screen!

Two days ago they started with new column…

But my point is that beside fact that “rewards” are worst and worst, they are totally unbalanced since very same people got them and in same time very same people don’t get anything! The worst thing is that many of those who get them over and over again are not even half active or successful as those who are constantly active and have result.

That is whole f**kin’ absurd with this game!

This game is unfair and purely luck based. Some people get five 5* in 10x pull, the others get 5* every 100+ pulls and that one is s1

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I haven’t seen any golden emblems in my loot. I think i got 1 epic tome of tactics… But the lot is to rare it is almost like it doesn’t even happen. Once every 10 titan wins… Give me a golden emblem token… That seems like s fair rate…