[Master] - Improve Titan Loot

Collection of various threads petitioning to increase the titan loot / titan rewards for killing

Gist of (all) the requests is that:

  1. Loot is bad
  2. Loot should be better
  3. need better / more ascension materials from titans.

Data farming project working out approximate percentages for various items at different titan loot tiers: Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"

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To whom it may concern:
I have recently opened my first Titan loot chest and I have to say I was severely dissatisfied with the rewards given. Players have to kill 5 Titans in order to open one of these chests and it ends up being just a basic loot crate. It takes 5 days to slay enough Titans to open up a loot crate due to the Titan respawn timers. 5 days!!! As of right now the only benefit that I can see for being in an Alliance is to gain the ability to slay Titans as another form of in game currency (loot). As a co leader in an alliance it takes time and energy to coordinate attacks and to manage an alliance to make sure we have participation from our members. All of this is fun to do but the sheer amount of time and Energy that gets put into it deserves a much better reward. I recieved better loot from an elemental specific monster chest which only took a fraction of the time! In order to keep players motivated you have to reward the energy and time they put into your game. My suggestion would be to make all Titan chests the Epic loot crates it provides much more satisfaction in achieving something that took 5 days to do.


I also agree with the statement. The Titan chest should have some of ascending item for a 4 star or 5 star hero. Today I open my Titan chest and there’s nothing i could be satisfied. Please, do something better to motivate players to play every day for that sweet reward.


I believe there should be more of an incentive for getting A+ & A when killing titans. For example A+/A should guarantee you a 4* or 5* ascension item with the percentage chance of the 5* ascension item increased if you get A+. At the moment it is complete luck and I see players getting B & C getting better rewards than myself which shouldn’t be the case. Let’s get this out there!


Titan loot does naturally get better with time, but there is no reason doing more damage should solely dictate what loot you get. Using myself as an example I would rather a (potential) 4th Orb of Magic go to the person who needs one in my alliance instead of me when I don’t. The fact is every titan downed benefits you and your alliance collectively more than one person who would consistently get the high damage. To give an idea I generally fall into the A-A+ range on the mid tier 6* titans we fight, but there are 26 other people who benefit, in my alliances case, anytime someone ascends and levels any hero they can right now.

Tldr version Titan loot should not be based solely on damage as Alliance benefit will always demonstrate better long run returns.


Is see your point however from the last titan my alliance killed, which was an 8*, only 2 people got 4*+ ascension items. The drop rate needs to be increased tenfold. There is no incentive for finishing A/A+ in titans.

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The incentive is to kill as big titans, as fast as possible, as often as you can.

You do this by having all your alliance members doing as much damage to the titan they possibly can i.e, trying for A+/A.

A+/A/B grades already get better chances at titan loot since they end up in higher loot tiers.

Yes however players cannot improve there team sufficiently unless they are incredibly lucky. I have played this game for about 6 months now and only have 2 5*'s and that is with spending some money on the game. Neither of my 5s are fully ascended because I cannot get the required ascension items. I am almost always finishing A/A+ and maybe get a 4 ascension item 1 in every 10 titans and 5* 1 in 25. These are 7* & 8* titans. I understand that the incentive is the kill the titan to get harder titans/higher loot tiers however the higher loot tiers have not been beneficial that I have seen!

We are talking about 2 separate issues here, lets not mix them up.

1: Quality and quantity of loot is bad
2: A+/A rewards should be better than the rest.

Loot can always be better. It sucks to be stuck. This game can feel like it takes forever. Personally I feel fine with titan loot as it is.

Titans are only one source of acension items though. You also have rare quests, rare chests, regular chests, mystic vision, events and options to buy with gems/cash if you want.

A+/A grades
If A+/A would get significantly better loot, whats the incentive for players that do B/C to stay in that alliance? Why not find an alliance where they can get A+/A?

Fight titans as an alliance, get the same-ish loot no matter placement.

Also unleas you’ve tracked your specific A+/A loot and compared it to another specific person getting B/C loot, you cant really draw any solid conclusions. And even then its iffy since you need ALOT of data.

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I agree completely. Good words. +1

I have been a continuously high hitter for our titans (A scorer) but get less than average loot. There needs to be a better incentive. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. A better level of loot should also be given on participation rate to encourage participation and team growth. In addition, when there is a chance of the titan dropping an ascension item, give one each to all A & B hitters, not just one team member. Those titans don’t exactly come along that often so it would not be a massive loss to the developers.
This would assist the leader, instead of making them constantly police participation.

The frustrating part is I work hard to be level A really end up with crap not even ascension item. However If place 8th or somewhere below I end up with all excellent items? Why


Welcome to the forum @QueenB.

Probably stemmed out of the thought that those who scored low need help and those who score high don’t :grin:.

Joke apart, the content of the loot tiers still follows randomness, although this may address the issue of rewards being lump sided, in the case that the best rewards are always awarded only to top performers. However, it can be demotivating for high performer if some players can possibly lay back and get the coveted rewards.

My thought also would be to add additional incentive for top performers, whereby it will encourage stronger participation and competition. Would love to give this my vote.


If you place 8’th or below, you need them more :wink:

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I would like to begin by stating that I often find myself in the top 5 and usually top 3 damage dealers in my alliance. That being said I cannot agree with the idea of adding more loot outside of the random drops already present. This is not only because of the fact that the room to grow significantly is not at the top levels as @Ian487 already mentioned, but also because of the need for alliance teamwork. The addition of extra loot would encourage more selfish play and damage the dynamic of working together to help everyone in the alliance grow In my opinion

Some alliances choose to allow a range of power levels and some don’t, but adding in a loot bump for high damage dealers is not reasonable because of this selfish behavior.

Speaking briefly as the co-leader of an alliance I feel this would put several leaders in an awkward position because of the issues previously mentioned.

I ask everyone to please consider these ideas before casting their vote.

Good luck to everyone on future titans.

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Hi, thank you for participating on the forum.

I know the frustration of RNG can be especially mean when you score an all time high or burn a flask and get 3x 1* ascension items.

The Devs could change their minds. But the last change went in the opposite direction, buffing loot for the rest of the alliance to encourage team participation.


*= High level titans appears to be marketing speak for Loot Tier 9+. Evidence indicates Loot Tier 9+ does give less 1* ascension items, but still gives 1* ascension items.


I just won’t waste flasks or let this game run my life then because this is not an incentive to improve my performance. FYI, the last time we had a titan that had a chance to drop, the leader got it and they are a continuous high hitter as well. Btw, I didn’t mean more or extra loot, just a fair system.

Everyone gets a roll at the bonus item. More than one can drop.

But the drop rate seems very low. Here is my proposal for fixing the rare titans:

How can it be that a person with titan C score damaged gets better loots than a person with A+ score damaged??? This has to change! Loots should be equal to what the players score! This is how you reward your active players and to make this game more competitive!

A+ I get less what’s the point I agree. When I cant get on as much and rank low I get better things. Fail I guess

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