Master: Improve/Fix Soul Exchange

Creating a master thread to document ideas/suggestions for Soul Exchange.


  • Lower Cost to exchange heroes
  • Non season 1 heroes who are exchanged have a higher exchanged value
  • Stated frequency of appearance
  • Schedule of heroes that will appear in future Soul Exchanges
  • More frequent appearance
  • Costumes for all heroes exchanged
  • Better heroes
  • Add non Legendary heroes
  • Partially leveled heroes are worth more to exchange
  • Heroes come leveled out of SE
  • Allow more than one exchange per event
  • Allow non Legendary heroes to be put into the exchange at some value/exchange rate
  • Add to Soul Exchange

Edit: SG has announced it will be quarterly

Errr… that list sounds heavenly. I doubt that any will be picked up by SGG. Takes revenue away from them.


That’s not a list of my personal opinions. I just wanted to create one thread for all opinions. I tried to state the ones I’ve heard, but I’m sure more folks will have ideas that can be added.


Thanks for compiling the suggestions :slight_smile:
My requests would be the following, considering the reality and also which ones would be fair:

  • Lower Cost to exchange heroes
  • Non season 1 heroes who are exchanged have a higher exchanged value

Those would improve it too 100%


How about instead of directly feeding heroes in the SE, they instead introduce some type of “currency”, say “Soul Bits”. Then instead of feeding your duplicate heroes, you can choose to convert them into soul bits, where higher rarity heroes provide more (i.e. 1* - 5*). Then in the soul exchange, you exchange your soul bits for heroes. There could then be both 3*, 4* and 5* heroes to “buy”, with increasing soul bit cost (and different costs depending on how good the hero is).

This would then be a great feature for players of all levels, not just “veterans”, because even newer players like me could slowly collect soul bits for a 4*, say (without completely filling up roster space). They could even sell soul bits if they’re so inclined for the P2P crowd…


This idea was mooted during beta. And noted by SGG. But it wasn’t adopted. No reason given.

My guess is : it’s back to the drawing board for SGG. Who will then need to start from scratch , as in work out the value per 5* dupe at least.

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This should just happen already. We shouldn’t even have to ask for it.

1000% this. If “better” heroes cost more to get, then better heroes should be worth more credit going in.


I would love to know how many people opted to exchange for each hero.
I would also like to know who the most common heroes traded in were.

These requests don’t have any real value, but I’m curious.

There is a poll on the heroes exchanged for.

You can create a poll to ask who was traded in. I will try to remember.

Hi. 10/15/20 to trade a hero. That is to much, sorry. For one or two years i sent you an Idea. It ist better that you can trade Heros with alliance members. And If an alliance member leave the alliance than change the Hero Back to the original member. Perhaps it Is possible for example 100 diamonds.

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Yeah correct I hope so

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The idea already exist.
Please read: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here! - #439 by Jay3

I hope SG or whoever responsible can show us the data of the Soul Exchange once it’s done and dusted so we can see how many heroes were exchanged and which hero was exchanged the most/least.

I mean, don’t you want to know how many CHorghall/Rueben was exchanged???


:rofl::joy: you too ! Yeah it will be nice to know.


I’m more interested in the number of Reubens chosen. :rofl:


Aw is he that bad? Mine is still naked.

For my roster, yes.

A former teammate enjoys his C-Horghall. I’ve never come across anyone who’s had a very good review for Reuben (excluding the forum).

This would be interesting to see, but I don’t expect it to happen.

I don’t have him, but I’ve run into him on a few defenses, and I would conclude that he has his uses. I’d level one if I could get it, but I wouldn’t exchange 15 dupes for one.


I have him plus costume. But he’s still naked.

He’s not that bad. The costume. I just don’t want to level S1 heroes unless I absolutely have to, in view of the power race. No longer a creep.


I have him plus costume, still at 1/1. I’ve come up against him a couple of times in war and he can be a pain so I think I will level him eventually.

I have however levelled cElkanen - and I actually really love him. He can get defence over 900 once emblemed. I think the costumes have provided