[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

I like it!
This won’t break anything.
There’s so many heroes! It could take years of cycling through. You could add a caveat of
Keep or Recycle.
And after tapping 'Keep’
Then the recycling begins again.

The thought of… here’s Obakan.
And the amount of resource for that?!

Gross… seriously

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I completely agree with this, but won’t hold my breath for it. This would be good for the community and based on current policies of those in charge of the game its not a concern to them.

I stopped spending money on the game after this message, almost month ago
Until this thing is implemented

I was pulling in costume chambre and got a second Isarnia costume. The game should also offer a way to exchange those costume. Even the possibility of adding the costume in another to get a diferent costume.

Trying to clarify did 1 pull give you Isarnia + costume + costume or you now have a second isarnia costume in your inventory?

This is not a bug, as you can get multiple copies of costumes. I’d gladly swap my 10th Belith costume with your second Isarnia costume. :dizzy_face:

More of a discussion topic, so I’ve changed the category. @moderators is there a similar thread already perhaps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:?

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