[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Oh Please. Retraining is so pointless, that’s a different topic altogether. At least they don’t make you spend gems at HA 10, that would be the most pointless training camp ever

And again, everything is gems, gems and more gems. More buying, more vicious cycles. Previous alkashards farming was pointless, now it’s loads better. If they could rework alkashards, why not with Hero academy? Give those legendaries you’ll never use some self worth. Yeah sure feed away your legendaries to give 1440 exp only. I do that easily with 1 and 2* feeders

And also I didn’t specially say HA needs to solve roster size, that is my issue alone. and it’s subjected to my opinion. I just feel that HA could have done more to help the roster size.


There is a game duplicating Empires and Puzzles. I tried it for a couple of hours. Lots of similarities. But I didn’t find myself spending the same time and money I spent here on that game too and start from scratch.

I found your exact request implemented there which made me hope we can get it here too.



Weren’t you the one who said this in your original post:

Who says you need to buy gems. Ask those F2Ps. They’ll teach you how it’s done. Still, you wish to repair your phone using tools ideal only for fixing heavy machineries. It doesn’t mesh.

To be fair, SG did promise the HA as solution for duplicates before back down from it.

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And they have changed that officially. And since when was anything in the game fair, hmnnn?

Yeah, they changed that shortly before release and give empty promise about another future feature that will address dupes problem but it have not even been mentioned in sneak peek.

The game will be fair when… the game end?


Guffaw indeed

I’m just responding to what you’re saying. Almost every example you gave involves gems and the shop. And now you’re trying to turn this into a f2p situation.
I’m mostly c2p and I don’t want to spend gems on needless nonsense like emblems or expanding rosters

That’s funny. It was your original post. I responded before it was merged here.

Nope. I gave options. Either gems or feed your dupes for roster space. Either gems or farm alkashards for emblems. Read again. Please.

More power to you.

I have a feeling that this game will continue, but us experienced players wont.

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:frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Here is the issue with experienced players, IMO:
Most of us have all the s1 heroes, retrain in HA will result 95% of the time in hero we dont need. When it comes to summon portals, odds are even worse since summon will result in unwanted heroes over 99% of the time. I have stoped spending gems on summons because of that.

Where do you use your free gems on?

Energy refills, skipping chests, buying arrows/axes/mana pots for the upcoming event…

And I suggest you to read my posts again because all you’re doing now is to spin my words into your own narrative on what is right and what I should do. You want to spend money on other things like expanding rosters, buying emblems directly from the shop, like you said more power to you. Not what I want, but good for you to keep spending on this game.
My original thread wasn’t even about buying emblems and never have I said anything about wanting more of them. Sure I would love more emblems, but it’s not the main focus of my post. It’s not even about the problems of retraining. As I mentioned that’s a different issue on another topic. But retraining happens to be the biggest feature in HA
My original thread was about trying to aid the roster capacity. My idea (not advice to SG) was to retire a hero in exchange for some emblems, at least the hero has some worth instead of it giving some miniscule exp.
It’s just a suggestion, I don’t know what you’re trying to prove to me now.

This was your original post. And there is a reason why it was merged here. You lacked the patience to use the search option of this forum and instead post a new one when one already existed.

I am not. Again, I provide options.

I am not. Already stopped spending money on gems for summoning since March 2020.

Again, using the wrong tools to fix a problem (you still don’t get it, do you? You can’t expect Alchemy Lab to produce heroes, much more anticipate from Hero Academy to produce emblems). But since it is merged here, hope @FrenziedEye will be able to integrate your idea on the main post here.

You use the term ‘wrong tools’ a couple of times as if this is the perfect analogy. What does wrong tools even mean here? I’m not thinking on the same level as you so I’m confused about this.
My idea is basically a side feature of HA, it doesn’t stray away from what HA does originally. You retire one hero to free up one space and exchange it back for a small amount of emblems.
You talking about alchemy lab not producing heroes, everyone knows the obvious. but it produces alkashards as a side feature. Which in turn can be exchanged for many things including emblems. So is alchemy lab by your definition, a ‘wrong tool’ for producing emblems? If I’m wrong please enlighten me your definition of ‘wrong tools’

Anyway, I appreciate you two keep bumping this thread, I hope it get more exposure so it can get more vote. :innocent:


No probs, just want my 5*s to be of some worth other than being feeders and retraining fodder. And @Mal is right, this feature is from that one game that shall not be named…


hero academy has to add the 3 star and 4 star event hero as it happens at level 10


Can the retraining wording and coding of retraining legendary heroes be slightly changed to “heroes can NEVER be the same hero again“? That way people can wait it out at a 95+ percent chance to get a season 1 hero or event duplicate for many pulls, but with patience, they will eventually be rewarded with a 100 percent chance at a new event or season 2 hero?

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