[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

I agree. HA needs to be reworked.

Too many levels are pointless. As mentioned in several of the previous posts.

5% → 25% chance for costumes in HA10
We need to have better chances at getting costumes, since now there’s so many of them. Each S1 legendary has 3 costumes. More and more heroes are weak without their costumes. Yet we have a measly 5% chance to get one in HA10, decided when the only existing costumes were the first ones for Classic Heroes.

5% → 25% chance for non classic heroes in HA10
There’s several new legendaries, and still we have 5% to get a non S1 legendary in HA10. It needs to go up to around 25%. It looks like it’s a lot, but considering too many heroes are weak without costumes and the current power creep, the odds for a good and useful hero would still be super low.

The chance to get a non classic hero and its costume would be 5% (25% * 25%).

New and slow level to Reroll the rarer Legendary Heroes
We also need a HA level (or an event) to reroll Legendaries. Input an eligible legendary hero, pay gems/coins, wait four weeks, get a different random legendary from the same family/season. Families would be added to this level after six months.

It wouldn’t break the economy.
It’d be too slow and the odds to get a specific hero would be too low. It wouldn’t make big spenders stop pulling since this wouldn’t allow them to get the meta heroes asap.
It could even encourage pulling since it would increase the value of pulled dupes when chasing other specific heroes.
It would mostly help players that spend less, making them able to reroll the occasional dupe, or reroll some hero they dislike or doesn’t fit their roster. It would increase the value of every pull and would not discourage pulling.

I’m sure this would make a big part of the community very happy. And happy customers are spending customers.


Costumes need to be available 100% of the time if the hero has an available costume


When that is true for all or most portals - which is not for a long time - maybe you can ask for that in HA!

Pretty sure as soon as a costume comes for a hero its in HA10

1400+ days waiting since this thread

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The least that should happen is: the classic heroes must come with the first costume and 5% of the rest, especially because the first costumes compared to the current meta, are insignificant.


Viewed March 2024 Calendar of Events. I think it’s fair to say the Tower Events have all become defunct. It might be time to just add those heroes to the Academy as possible pulls in training and retraining. Similarly, the relevant troops that they also decided to add and then never show up again should be added as possible retraining results under HA9.

Challenge Festival II might not too far off either. This month, we had finally gotten a break away from Opera and yet we’re back again to having that scheduled for March.

If they need help with tracking all the heroes they need to add, I and probably a few others, can help with listing off the heroes/families that need to be added.


While this would be very nice, it will never be implemented as it would no longer force the players to spend a huge amount of money in the costume chamber / seasonal summons (when the new costumes are added)

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The first 3 levels have a resolution time so quick that they become useless:

Explanation: It has to be refilled 100 times each every 3 days or week - very annoying without a bot… which you will surely be banned for!

→ please make it easier (instant) to fill completely 100 hundred times with default setting for all levels of academia