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Maybe and maybe not each person is different and some view simplification. As, not a lot to read! A easy simple read with not a lot to browse through. Meaning if a person feels over whelmed by the abundance of info it could be overlooked and not serve it’s purpose. Much like tweets and face book people lean to short and simple now.

Will see I’ll play it by ear by if gets no comments or views that proves my point.

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Getting sick of this joke.
27 weeks to get one S1 out of three i am looking for, than all the same heroes over and over again.
Without single non S1 hero ofc.
This “endgame wannabe” game feature is just another broken rngenerator, so silly.
Getting lvl2 troops / trainers out of HA feels like winning a jackpot compare to actuall outcome out of HA10.

Same situation here. More than 6 months. Only S1 heroes, not even some good like Marjana or Sartana.
Better chances it will be nice.

That Academy bring more frustation to the game :frowning:

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Precisely why I changed the title and what I was communicating but yes I know that. Thanks much

I don’t have the energy to read the whole thread, but I want to put in my 1c if I may because I’m totally frustrated with HA10 and feel that this game DESPERATELY NEEDS a fix. IIRC we were told when it came out that the devs KNEW it was not a complete solution and planned something more in the future. It’s the future now. We’ need something more!

Look how ridiculous this is: Out of habit, I kept running TC20s, up until now, always thinking those occasional 5*s would always be good to have, as we’d been promised we’d be able to trade them all in for something eventually, right? Guess what the consequence is?

For one thing, I’ve had to keep buying more and more storage space for all these extra heroes. I just did a quick count. I now have 389 heroes. Of those, 104 are 5s. Of those 104, 49 are leveled (some fully, some partially), and 55 are unleveled duplicates. (I will always keep and plan to level up at least one copy of any 5 I get, sho to ne there are no unwanted 5*s that are not duplicates.) Of those 55, 7 are in the queue to be leveled up eventually, 9 are unwanted duplicate non-classics, and 39 are unwanted duplicate classic season 1 heroes.

I run HA10 constantly. I always put in whatever classic hero I have the most dupes of (and/or like the least). If I ever got through classics, I’d start on non-classic dupes, but that’s not happening any time soon. 2 or 3 times a year, I get out something other than another unwanted classic dupe. Even though I don’t actually put much money into the game, I still get new 5*s enough faster than new ones are added to the HA10 draw list that the chances of actually getting something I don’t already have seem to be falling every month.

I have received 1 or 2 (I’m 98% sure it was only 1) useful heroes from HA10 over the past year. So can’t say it’s been totally useless. But for the amount of food I’ve fed into it for that one single useful hero in a year, I cannot say it’s been worthwhile. Not. At. ALL!

I will keep pouring food into it and putting the same classic heroes back through it again and again, because I have no choice and nothing better to do with those items. But it’s STUPID. We NEED SOMETHING BETTER. I’m sure I’m far from the only one sitting here with DOZENS of duplicates and no good options for trading them in.

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Seems like they don’t have any plans of really improving Hero Academy. Should we simply hide this thread?

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I would be ok with them raising HA level with something like.
Use two duplicate 5* heroes and you are guaranteed to not get a 5* hero you currently have.
Or even 3 x 5* heroes and guaranteed a non duplicate.


maybe the ability to select the hero to be trained into

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I have literally been trying for 9 months straight to get a non season 1 5* and i have yet to get a single one from HA10. Either the odds are so stupidly low that they dont make any sense, or the game is bugged. SG needs to fix this crap and make it a guaranteed non season 1 5* after a certain amount of attempts.


This is never ever going to happen lol 7 day wait for any hero for free? Hahahahaha

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That would be one year for a garnet

You should add the ability to retrain more than 1 legendary hero at a time. Sitting around 7 days only to probably get another season 1 5* is irritating. If You could retrain multiple legendary heroes at a times would be better.

I completely agree with everything you said. They have to make it better.

Can you please make it possible retrain more than one legendary hero at a time? Sitting around and waiting 7 days just to retrain another legendary hero seems a bit inefficient. Especially with the draw rates. At least training multiples at a time increases your chances in a way.

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How is it free, your giving up a 5* hero and food and then there is the 7 day wait. If they don’t want to increase the odds then decrease wait times.

HA 12 5days, HA15 3days. We can ask.

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Why limit us to one hero in HA10? With a week long wait, I’d rather not set an alarm to make sure no time is wasted. It would be nice to be able to put as many as we could in there (resources permitting) and not worry about keeping that timer going.

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I totally agree.

It would be nice if we could queue just one hero in HA10.

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You mean more than one? Lol

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