[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Yep. So far, only 192 voted on this. That number is just a fraction of the entire forum users here, and a teenie-weenie cutsie fraction of the entire playerbase (with over a million players hitting the mythic titan). This thread will be exactly 1-year old in less than half a month from the time it was created. No wonder Hero Academy ain’t improving. All we do is continuous yapping without urging others to vote.

We’re pathetic.

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the forums represents most players’ opinions as many active players are involved.

SG can easily have more votes if they ask players in-game about hero academy using the inbox function and refer them to this topic or a voting poll.

i do believe most if not all players think HA could use more improvements in levels 8 and 10 especially.

minimum to have 3 levels run in parallel instead of 2

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Sadly the forum mostly represents only the voices who are annoyed enough to voice them.

Some of us (like me) will try to give a reasoned rebuttal but the silent majority of the players are just playing it. The small loud mob can be largely ignored if the majority are just carrying on regardless


Not to mention you lose your soul and your life

LOL. If I were Small Giant, I’d dispense that effort as it is just a waste of time and effort, and go immediately overhaul the Hero Academy.

Sorry. But I can’t subscribe to that. I dunno. I have a gut feeling that what are posted in the community forum is not really the general consensus of the player base. Heck, even us here do not agree on everything. Some hated rush wars while others love it. Some wanted Telly and Vela nerfed, others don’t. Some consider HA10 as a waste of time, effort and resources, others don’t mind these expenditures since they are just there existing already (hero, food, recruits and time). When the current raid tourney got botched, some players wanted compensation while other players said there is no need to.

And here is where my heart and mind is in sync with yours. You have no argument with me on this.

I just hope Small Giant would focus in the immediate future updates on the QOL improvements players have been clamoring for some time instead of coming up with QOL improvements nobody is asking to get fixed.


it can be done for anything not HA and it is extremely easy and barely require any efforts. (simply a link to a voting poll)

Hence the global different opinions covering most opinions of the playerbase

i didn’t mean that we all agree on the same thing but rather that most common opinions are represented here. being more vocal is a different matter

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I couldn’t agree more!!!
The current hero academy is utterly useless and such a waste of time!

I am shocked to see they’re adding new content but they keep ignoring our requests on this thread…

Yes, they might add the costume drop (yet another chance to get a chance) but that still doesn’t address our requests… :roll_eyes:


How had this spam go unchecked?

OFF. Truth hurts… Not everyone is ready to realize it

I hope will 3+ threads in HA (2 is too small)

I believe having more retraining of legendary hero’s optional would be nice. One takes 7 days two 14 days 3 21 days so on. For those that agree with this let me know in comments what might think ?

I dunno what you are referring to, but if you referring to the ability to add queues to HA10 retraining, it was already requested on this thread (and much, much more):

But if you are referring to another Hero Academy as one of the new advanced structures to be built in future updates, please read this:

Share your mind (and your vote) to any of the thread you desire.

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I think from the way the OP reads, it may be the ability to queue the retrains. Honestly, with how much improvement the hero academy needs, I am not sure why this isn’t already a feature given how long each retrain takes and the low odds of non s1 5*. Same with the ha9 troop retrain for that matter.

If people want to pop a dupe 5* they won’t keep and have the food and recruits to set aside, by all means let them. They “were” supposed to be finding solutions for your duplicate heroes aren’t they? Even though 7 days is still too long, queuing should be a no brainer.


I wish it was 10x slower. Too many players :laughing:
Half year till HA10 :hugs:

Yaay! SGG didn’t forget about the Hero Academy…

But I guess those are not the QoL changes that we really asked for… :roll_eyes:

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@moderators I don’t perceive my topic the same as this even though similar regarding Legendary retrainings being able to add more to queue this is way more complex and requesting much more and more of complaints. My request was a single simple request. Plus I have no complaints on the game. Just a extra trainings only hoping for. Please reconsider closed and merged status. I like my cleaner separate version of a request.

I wasn’t referring to any of the complex requests this topic has

I was referring to what you stated just adding more to the queue nothing fancy nothing overly demanding no alterations to any other part of the game. Definitely not another HA10 :sweat_smile:

I think this is asking too much! Just more legendary retrainings being able to be added to the queue is what I really want. I have no game complaints and find the game good beyond that specific wish to have.

But then again, your idea and feature request is already existing:

IMHO, i think it is better to have one master thread where all the ideas and feature request on Hero Academy are integrated into one. Having various ideas/requests in different threads is a bit confusing. And as mentioned, such idea was already existent in the forum. No wonder our volunteer moderator merged your thread to this one.

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