[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Seems about right if you use a second builder for most of the time and waste very little of those builders’ time. I would also assume a player would build 2x TC20 to maximize possible free 5* pulls.

Without calculating the Farm/Mine/Watchtower times, I get around 582d of builder time; dividing by 2 leads to about 291d.

I will say that either a 1 year subscriber to VIP or a 2 year f2p player is a fairly large amount of dedication in order to be able to possibly trade in 1-2 vanilla heroes for limited heroes per year (and no guarantees). Some have requested to be able to build 2 HA, which is fine to help increase the volume of tries per year. I feel that this solution or cutting the retrain time in half are reasonable adjustments to make (the latter is more f2p friendly).

Of course the other levels might need a bit of work; the odds on HA7 for higher star trainers should be improved to increase that level’s utility in my mind.

Note: I am mostly posting to say you are right on the timeline of attaining HA10. Added my feelings regarding the output of HA7/10 as more of a ‘while I am here, I may as well post a bit more’.

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I would gladly trade a duplicate 5* for a Wilbur. He still eludes me. I have pulled multiple 4* of each Atlantis hero without pulling a single Wilbur…

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What are your duplicate 5*s? I have a spare Wilbur so i would be up for a trade.

I could use a Wilbur. I only have vanilla 5s available for trade, though. Are you perhaps in need of a Richard? Domitia? Leonidas? Elkanen? I’d offer you a dupe Marjana, but she’s currently in the Hero Academy oven, likely being turned into a Richard, Domitia, Leonidas or Elkanen.

So has been my HA10 experience so far. Put one dupe in, get another dupe out. Put it back in, get another dupe out. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

Sorry but i dont need any S1s, i have all of them.

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I figured as much. The only non S1 dupes I have (had, rather) were many Melias, Mnesseuses etc., other assorted 3* heroes.

I will let you know if I’m ever lucky enough to pull more than 1 non S1 legendary. You can expect a call from me maybe sometime between now and the year 2050.

I know the feeling, i dont have many non S1 dupes either, my dupes are mostly HOTMs ( 2 bertilas, Raffaele, Clarissa, Vela) and 2 S2 (Misandra, Atomos)

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I do have a few HotMs and a couple of event 5*s, but unfortunately only one copy of each. I can’t give away my most precious collectables.

I know it’s my own fault because I stopped “making it rain” on SG long ago, and decided my hundreds of dollars would be better spent on stuff like groceries and rent and bills. I’m kind of goofy like that.

EDIT: scrub scrub scrub that last inappropriate comment before the mods hang me by my toenails…


I havent spent much at all, when i did the most even that was only the valhalla and atlantis offers with the 400 gems. And now im cutting down on those too.

I just have really awful luck. I’ve been playing for 2.5+ years, have done hundreds of summons across various portals, and have yet to pull a single S2, S3, or S4 5*. Only have a few S2 and S3 4*s. Zero ninjas. Very few event 4 and 5 stars. Others in my alliance have spent less than I did, and they get better luck with their pulls. So it’s mostly just a “me” problem. And the only way for me to “solve” it would be by giving SG even more of my money and hoping that my luck turns around.

RNG just hates me, apparently.

And the feeling is mutual. That’s not a good way to entice me to spend more money, by telling me I have to if I ever want to see any precious heroes ever again. Holding my roster strength hostage, essentially.

I am nearing around 130 pulls on Guardians (spread across multiple events) the only thing i got from those are 2 falcons and 1 Gazelle, yes you read it right NO Jackal from 100+ pulls. I tend to have better luck on other portals but i have a tendency to get the lower shelf heroes whenever i get “lucky”. So Misandra, Norns, Inari, Mok-arr, Atomos, never the A grade ones.

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That’s a lot of pulls for a low spender! You must be a very dedicated player.

I was once a dedicated player. Then I took an arrow to the knee.
Nah. I just got tired of grinding for hours just to pull another Dawa.
Building up so much excitement over “I almost have enough coins/gems/tokens whatever to do a summon! Maybe today is my lucky day!”

Nope. Dawa again.


I really don’t know how you guys do it, staying so committed to grinding nonstop in a game that has such low rewards.

LOL. Dawa is eternal, yes. But she can also be obtained for free. I pull her twin sisters from my TC20s on a regular basis. $3 may not seem like a lot of money, but $3 can buy me a real life meal. Dawa is barely even a side dish of a feeder hero.

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Not for me, no. :laughing: What would solve the problem for me is if heroes were obtained through game play. As in, you finish an event or province, and you unlock a new hero.

Putting the heroes into slot machines with tiny chances and only giving players 1 free spin a month, then telling them they can buy as many spins as they want with real money… that is the problem.

That is the problem! That is exactly what I don’t like about the game! I don’t want to play a casino. I want to play a game.

I know now that this game is a casino, but I didn’t know that when I downloaded it. I got suckered into it thinking that it was a game for fun. But it’s not. It is a casino. And I don’t like that.

So no, it’s not a good game for me. I’ve wanted to quit, but I stayed in because I do have fun with the social alliance aspects. But why does it have to be a casino??? At least a casino might give me real money in return. This game only sells sprites that we don’t even get to keep.

Yes, it is working as intended. And yes, it is hugely profitable. But you said so yourself -

That is unfortunate. I wish it was a game with good gameplay for fun. But it’s not.

I never expect games for free. I pay for my games. But most games, I spend less than $100 total on. The other games that I spent more than $100 on, they gave me actual rewards in return for spending extra money. This game just took my money then said “ohhhh sorry, you didn’t win. Give us another $100 and maybe you’ll have better luck this time!”

With odds that low? No thank you. I actually have a better chance to win a jackpot at my local casino than I do of getting a 5* hero in this game.

The last game I played before this one that I spent more than $100 on, I had expanded inventory, extra hero slots, I had access to all of the maps in the game, I had fully customizable armor, a flashy mount to ride, double XP, the ability to teleport anywhere, infinitely replayable quests, and I also owned over a dozen customizable houses throughout the game world - including a castle, a 3 story mansion, and a freaking palace on a private island. Got all of that for less than the cost of an Obakan and a Kadilen in E&P.

Only reason I started playing E&P is because I could play it on my phone while out running errands and waiting in line and stuff, whereas my other games require a console or PC to play. Upon realizing that I had to spend hundreds of dollars if I wanted a decent chance to get new heroes in this game? Hah! Hundreds of dollars… on a match 3 mobile phone game??? That’s nuttier than a squirrel turd. That’s crazier than if Jeffrey Dahmer and Jack the Ripper had a love child and gave them up for adoption to the Manson Family. That’s more absurd than trying to divide by zero or multiply by infinity. That’s sillier than a monkey in a clown suit slipping on a banana peel. That’s dumber than a box of rocks that had all been hit directly in the head by even bigger boxes of rocks.

Mama always said, E&P is like a box of chocolates… overpriced, full of nuts, largely unsatisfying and overall bad for your health.

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I unfortunately didn’t realize that’s how it was until after I had already given them money. Once I realized it was a casino, I wanted to quit. The only reason I didn’t quit is because of the friends I made here. They are the ones who kept me playing for this long. Once all of my friends have left the game, I will uninstall it.

As I already said here:

I would really love to see those two changes on the Academy. I honestly don’t know why they would limit this building so much, considering that you need to have most of the buildings maxed before having the HA 10 + research done :frowning: :roll_eyes:

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Also, increase max actions in fully leveled Hero Academy from 2 to 4 (or at least 3) immediately.

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