[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

It’s obviously a failure on their end, but I believe it was a 100% intentional failure. A game that has made all of its profits by capitalizing on RNG, of course they’re also going to include RNG in their “fix” for duplicates. And they could say, “look, we fixed it! You now have a chance to exchange a duplicate hero for something else!”

“But I keep getting duplicates still?”

“Yeah, well, it’s just a chance. RNG is an integral part of this game. Keep at it long enough and eventually you should get something different! Maybe! But no guarantees!”

That’s how they operate. When they say they are going to “fix” something… heh… be wary. Like how they “fixed” the Telly/Vela issue? Or how they “fixed” the issue of Apple overcharging customers? Surely you didn’t think they were going to offer a way to actually get a guaranteed good hero for free? Madness! You must still pass the RNG wall. Maybe just 5 or 10 tries if you’re lucky. More likely it will take you dozens of retries, since the overall odds still heavily favor S1 results.

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They will never fix it as long as people keep summon hard with the actual system.
They have no reason to make something very profitable less profitable, unless people drastically reduce their summons because of that.
But i saw people on youtube pull 180 times like nothing (and still go at it).

Why should they change it?
It works.

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How about give us ham back if we get a duplicate hero? Like seriously. Food production is hard to keep up with HA and AL each week


This will never happen. I think there are other aspects which need to be addressed more urgently.

You can never have too many useless duplicate Elenas. The 5 star red Dawa.

Maybe in future we can use more 5* for increase % to obtain non Classic 5*

I’m still keeping all useless 5* cards that clutter my roster, just in case something will be improved in this matter… :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Would love to have options like turning hotm into hotm, s2 to s2 and so forth. Or put more s1 heroes to have higher chances of something else… Anything at this point would be an improvement :confused:

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I don’t see why it couldn’t. That wouldn’t harm SG. They give some ham back when resetting emblems so… Giving ham/iron or emblems are the most logical solution to 5* dupes to me.

A lot of good suggestions here, clearly the Hero Academy needs to provide more value as an end game building that takes months to build.

Would love to see an increase of Odds of non season one heroes on HA10. At 10% it would only be on average 5 non-season one heros a year.

Can also add a similar chance to get non season 1 heroes from the elite training (HA8)

I think this building has been out long enough for SG to see it needs more value to justify the time and effort to build it.


Please add season 3, 4 and new event heroes - not just the new events like Ninjas and League but the heroes introduced in 2019/20 when events were revamped including Lady of the Lake and Finley

Am I the only one here who almost gives up on the Hero Academy? 2 months I retrained the hero season 1, and the results are still hero season 1, can’t the percentage to get hero events or heroes other than other season 1 heroes be increased?

You’re not alone. I’ve been retraining for over 6 months and still only S1 heroes. Someone in my alliance is at 7 months with only S1 retrains

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I’m finally at the point to start using the pointless HA10, I have every S1 hero with a fair number of dupes and had hopped that by the time I was ready to use it that it wouldnof been improved. My 5% chance per week is about to start but I really am not looking forward to the weeks of disappointment ahead of me. I really need a new fire nature or holy hero to use some mats on, if I end up with a dark or ice I will probably cry.

Anyone know if new/old heroes will be added to the HA and when ? Is there like a scheduled release or inclusion date?

Just be patient. Once in a while the goddess of fortune may decide to grace you with a good hero.

  • Retraining 3* hero with chance to become non-S1 3*.
  • Retraining 4* hero with chance to become non-S1 4*.
  • Retraining non-S1 hero will only result in another non-S1 hero with the same rarity.

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