[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Great idea. This is why right now I only train troops. Feels so sad to be unable to queue multiple heroes and a week after you start the training, you get yet another Thorne…

Even introducing a system similar to the alkashards would be great. Every training you do would give some gold coins or whatever. Lvl 10 would give 10 or more and lower levels less, 200 coins could be combined and it would give a 3*, a 4* or 5* trade token. With a trade token everyone could trade an unwanted hero with the corresponding rarity for a guaranteed non-S1 hero of the same rarity. So lets say from the 200 coins a 4* token would drop and with that a skittleskull could be traded for lets say a guardian Jackal. It would serve as kind of a pity counter so even if rng is not kind, people could get some value out of the trainings.


I perfectly understand the workload of developers. They can’t always do what the community asks them to do right away. But I would like to point out once again that the Hero Academy does not have the ability to train S2 heroes. If this feature is added, then training heroes will become much more interesting.

Want vanilla 4*s to can be retrained into not tc20 one.
Costumes to be added.
To can work 3 lvls simultaneously.
And to have some bonus rolls like with alkashards.
Also some costume keys, emblems, all kind of coins, etc. random drop.

I would like to ask if SG can add an extra training in HeroAcademy. Instead of 2 trainings would be nice to have 3 trainings at a time like in Alchemy Lab. if we keeping running the legendary training non stop, which takes 1 week, that leaves us with just one extra training. Would be nice to have one more.


You’re not the only one having this desire. +1 from my side.

I think that you should be able to retrain multiple heroes for higher chances at something that is a) not s1 and b) a narrowed field of possible outcomes. For example: I put in 2 5* heroes to get an automatic event hero, I put in 3 and I can choose 15 of who I would like to get, 4 narrows it down to 10 etc.

I know some of us are sitting on several dupes and this would help with roster space. I would gladly trade in my 5 lianna’s for a choice between a few for the one I would get in return.

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They should cap some older HOTMs and non S1 in certain points of retraining.
Say, after compliting 20, 40, 60 there should be an extra non S1 card drop like hotm drop in summons.

Developers said when this was released it fell short of their own expectations so we shouldn’t let them off the hook on this part of the game, it is a feature they put out knowingly as a subpar system.


Are you applying for Sainthood by any chance? :grinning:

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The absolute minimum you guys could do is allow queuing. Should take someone like a day. Getting the same heroes over and over is bad enough without having to queue disappoinment one at a time.

The only thing more disappointing than this is the alchemy lab.

Devaluing season 1 hero’s with power creep, yet only awarding them is such a mean move. Multiple 10 pulls with nothing but 3 stars. Where is the incentive to spend anything?

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