[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

It would be an improvement if you put in a S1 hero to HA10, but got a S1 hero back, it came back with costume.

i know, this would mean less reason to pull at the Costume Chamber, therefore will probably never happen. but just putting it out there.

Why not add just another option? You can retrain any 5 star hero for the existing odds of 95% S1, 5% Non-S1.
Or you can retrain any four 5 star heros into one Non-S1 hero at 100% odds. I would instantly use this new option.

I like HA7 trainer training, but the cost in food/time/recruit is heavy. At this cost if you get a 2* trainer this could be compare to xp you may add using HA 3. So that it would be fair to have something like 50% of 2* trainers, and 30% for trainers 1* , 15% trainers 3*, 5% trainers 4*.

For Ha10 discussion, just remember that it should help to solve duplicates heros, at least you should not recieve a hero you already have.
My propositions for HA10
1/ we could choose one hero in a set of 3 heroes included at least 1 hero we dont have already.
2/ retrain a S1 hero : odds of 90% S1; 5% S1 with costume; 5%non S1
3/ retrain non S1 hero : odds at least 50% non S1 hero
4/ add an option for hero pack retrain : we can retrain 3 identical heroes in 2 heroes we may choose in a list of 12 (same odds as above)

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Another really great improvement would be if you put in a HotM or special event hero you get one back in return. Sending in a limited availability hero and getting a vanilla Season I hero is not something I am ready to do yet…

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SG has to improve the hero academy, so that the player can choose the color that he wants to repeat the legendary hero, for example I have a legendary hero green but I want to retrain to have a purple this would be better for us and fairer, re-enact 4-star heroes in 4-star events heroes.

I think the best way to distribute the odds and keep the current wait is:
50% Season 1 (some people don’t have them)
10% Season 1 with Costume
25% Season 2 (I still dont have any)
10% Event Hero’s (Only the original 3 of each event for now)
5% Past HOTM


A reminder about HA7 maths, Hero Academy 7 - #13 by Math-Teacher

Yes, the cost in food/time/recruit is heavy but feeding a trainer is much cheaper than a 1*/2* feeder.

A lot of this has probably been mentioned before, but there are a few HA options I’d really like to have. They’d benefit players, who would be able to do something with all their dupes, and it would benefit SGG, because people would pay gems to expand their rosters to accommodate the dupes in anticipation of feeding them for something useful:

  • Add S2 4* heros to HA8 (and S3 4* heros when Season 4 starts)
  • Add an option to train a guaranteed non-S1 4* hero in exchange for feeding 3-5 regular 4*s
  • Add an option to train a guaranteed non-S1 5* hero in exchange for feeding 3-5 regular 5*s
  • Add an option to train 4* troops in exchange for feeding 5-10 3* troops
  • I’d also really like to have a third training slot once HA10 is reached, like they do with the Alchemy Lab, because of the incredibly long training times

If SGG wanted to be really stingy about it, they could charge some gems for these new training levels, like they do with Alchemy Lab 10a+b.

In any case, it would be a great way to keep advanced players engaged. SGG should be reminded that players who don’t get any good new heroes to upgrade won’t spend anything on trying to get ascension mats either.


So many great ideas here and we’re yet to have an answer if they at least read / consider any idea… :pensive:


I would love to have an option to train non S1 4* s. For me, who couldnt get a single Jackal from 100 + guardian pulls this would be a very nice addition, even if it would take non S1 4* s to retrain.


I came to this thread to say just this. Im working on my 5* list and would love to have some of the event 4*s I’m missing


I would actually prefer it if HA10 guaranteed a non-season one retraining but took like 3 months for each retraining and allowed queueing.

The change that I keep banging the drum for is being able to queue more than 1 for HA10.

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HA10 would be fine the way it is, if they reduced the bake time OR increase the odds some way to get non S1.


Yes, bake time reduction would be fine. Stacking would allow ability to open up roster room.


One problem I see with this is it still costs 1.3 million food to start the training, and having to put this quantity there every 2 or 3 days (or even more frequently if you would want to queue up) it could be difficult to digest with other things. Having to do it once per week I still find myself in food shortage way more often than I’d want.

Perhaps, but I have 30 dupes I’d feed. So if I can over a few weeks queue all those in, I’ll free up my roster space and won’t have to commit so much food again. Plus it’s an alternate food bank to the TC20 if it operates this way.

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And that’s exactly why they did NOT operate a simple change as add a queue. HA10 is designed to actually be a nuisance for everything else, if you want to use it.
Make it also a food bank would alleviate the weight to use it.

They DON’T WANT us to use it.
Using it must be a sacrifice for something else, and that really grind my gears.

3 years to making something that don’t really adress the main problem and get in the way of all the rest.
And they talk madsh@% about QoL improvements.

Just shut up, please.


It should be 3 days long, able to queue multiple, drop the ham cost in half… Problem solved just need SG to actually do something.

3 days is equivalent to a 10-pull monthly on old heroes, so this should be an acceptable quantity.


@Draerius excellent concept. That configuration would hopefully solve much of what is wrong with HA10. Even keeping odds at 5% would be easier to accept when you are popping 2 per week.

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