[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

No I mean trade in dupes to some new building or area in the base and receive emblems, less or more depending on how many stars the hero is.

If you read just a bit in the forum, you will notice many players are skipping/halfplay ninja tower.
Sure, part is because it’s long and hard (no pun intended), but most of all, because rewards sucks.

What are mainly rewards on the tower? Emblems.
Many people don’t give a damn about emblems. I for sure don’t care.

Emblems will eventually come in other ways, and there’s no way for a “normal” player to keep up on emblems with a whale, so why bother?

I want, we want something otherwise hided behind a paywall: TL;dr… heroes.

Even rare or event epics, something that otherwise we will never have a chance to have.

And we want it in an affordable fashion.

No one here is asking for several HotMs a month, but something that reward longterm activity and support to the game.

The core of the game are heroes, and we want a chance to new heroes with the several we build up in all these years.

Give all the emblems to the whales, i don’t care.

Yeah and I have more heros than I can level at the moment. I’m starved for emblems and mats so the emblems from this event are a huge plus to me.

I dislike that I only can send 1 5* Hero to retrain
All Others Training could Used for as much Trainings i want


It’a well know issue and disappointment. They don’t seem to care about it.

Yeah they are absolutely “working” on it. Sure sure, they totally did not lie into our face again…

I agree with everything. Nuke it from orbit…

Maybe it was said, but … it was a good idea if:

  • increase the production line (if the problem is for players to stock food) do as in laboratory 9 and 10, which does not allow withdrawal)
  • Increase your chances of leaving non-regular heroes a little bit.
  • Increase from 2 to 3 the possible training (same as the laboratory)
    I wish the English is legible :stuck_out_tongue:

olla jklle mieliksi…

Here’s what I want, and I really want it. I also think other people should really want it, too.

In the olden days, back when TC20 5* were still relevant, a joy to receive and we didn’t bleed internally every time a new hero was released…

We sped up to build our TC20 as quickly as possible, so that we could have 4 of them pumping at the same time.

I know it’s poor form to invoke both mods & staff. I try not to do it too much.
I’ll say this several times for emphasis, effect, in hopes that someone will tab the devs on this topic (and first see my request) @Petri @mhalttu @littleKAF @Guvnor

If… we…could…have…this…thread…escalated…many…would…be…happy

Now for my request, I’m sure it’s been asked before: Please let us convert multiple buildings to HA10, to potentially run up to 4 HA at one time. It’s a really long wait, the odds are really terrible. This is a major customer satisfaction issue, particularly because, if you’ve made it to HA10, you are close to ‘end game’ as it is or (at least) already have a solid roster of S1 5*

  • Spanish. Por favor.
  • French. te plaît
  • German. Bitte.
  • Italian.Per favore…
  • Portuguese.Por favor.
  • Chinese. Qǐng. …
  • Arabic. Min fádlak (male developer), Min fádlik (female developer)
  • Russian. Pazhalsta.

I think this should happen. But everything seems to depend on time…

17x retrain - 17x S1 hero. This is very “interesting” to add resources each week. Why? Let me to add x10 heroes to retrain and forget about this building for 2-3 months

I was really excited about this building when it was first announced, and I remained excited even after more details came out and many other players were very critical, but after the slog to get HA10 up and running and completing quite a few re-trainings, I’m very disappointed. Either the odds should be increased to 10% for a non-season one hero or the re-training time should be halved. HA10 is something only longterm players will have. We deserve more than this in return for our loyalty to the game. Also, allowing us to queue re-trainings would be very appreciated.

Still not completed building my HA but thought I’d visit this post just to reinforce my original thoughts about it needing a buff and rework.

After being part of its beta test I’m still in construction of level 9 and will still need to finish construction of some food storage to do the research.

At this rate I may get a non s1 hero out by June if I’m lucky

Im running it since September and only got S1s so June would be a little optimistic unless you have a tendency of insane luck.

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Nah, I’m just trying to put a small amount of optimism in my post.

Based on remaining build and research times I’d expect the odds to produce it around december

I feel like this is the only way I’ll ever get a chance at better heroes.

Is that sad?

Oh, I’m only on HA3 myself.

I’m very frustrated with my outdated roster. and it is not because I don’t give SG money.
This year alone I have already spent 100 bucks. Is it whale-sized? No. but it is a lot for me to spend even after I said I was done…

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I feel like HA10 should have chances up to 20% for non-Season 1 lower retraining to 3.5 days maybe or keep days training to 7 for up to a 50/50 chance or if its a season 1 include costume. HA9 should only be 2-3 days. And the epic should be retrain for a non-season 1 epic same with rare, other than that keep it the same way. High resource cost it just that the cost to change something and its ot gems.

Sorry to hear that @PeachyKeen. I hope your year improves. I got lucky with a good end to last year bagging my first seasonal and event 5* heroes


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