[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

R U serious? Players had to built it under current rules. There is absolutly no reason to implementing SH25 as a prerequisite. Research Costs on HA10 are also absolutly ridiculous. It is almost like Throwing HA at 50+ so they dont lose their interest. Instead HA10 should improve diversity in play at an earlier stage.

Cost of trainings seems too high(many) for asc items 2-3* they aren’t as easy to obtain.
Unless they want you to run retrainings mostly idk.

Would love to see an item similar to reset emblem that returns trained heroes to untrained, returning recruits, food and iron (maybe in the form of bundles) to players. This way time used upgrading heroes whom you then want to throw at HA10 wouldn’t be wasted. Important step for F2P players who may have upgraded their ‘worse’ 5 stars because they had nobody else.

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Just voted in (I rarely vote request threads). My Hero Academy will be maxed before the month ends. Anticipating the changes prior to that (hopefully). I opted to max all structures as I don’t want to be caught with my pants down when HA10 becomes more desired, like how some players leveled Alchemy Lab to level 9 that when the changes were instituted, they gun to max AL to eliminate the problem of excess epic ascension items (tome vs blade count).


I’d like to suggest a level in HA that allows p2p users like myself that have a large hero roster have the ability to exchange excess 5* heroes for 4* ascension material and/or hero emblems, 50 emblems per hero perhaps? The idea of using 5* heroes as feeders doesn’t seem to have the same value that was spent for the hero.

Thanks for listening.


hero academy has to be revised the waiting time, 7 days to retrain heroes 5 stars is a long time, or even 9 hours to retrine a common troop is a lot, and not being able to queue to retrain is unacceptable.


I sooo agree…needs major over all…not player friendly at all!


I’d agreed with your there, with the level 10 if the percentage to get something other than season 1 hero was raised to 20% then I’m ok with 7 days but with a 5% chance it kind of stings.


We massively said that during the entire beta testing.

They absolutely ignored it and said they believe the building is a lot functional anyway.

We tried.


Well we should continue with the protest… I guess

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Absolutely. Not only the time costs are insane but iron and food are almost out of normal. For trash rewards.

The troop training is basically unusable.
Retrain 5* heroes will kill players from boredom. I have more than 10 repeated legendary heroes now imagine how many time I’ll spend trying to get someone better. It is almost a invite to quit.


I already make protest for no nerf, I put one 1* hero on my defense if we want they to hear us we have to make something like this. The HA its absolutely crap on this form.

This!! I have stopped spending since HA was released. If they aren’t going to help with duplicate 5* then there’s no point in spending money.


But what should be modified? Waiting times or odds? (I’d wish both, but that’s a bigger dream)

The odds its ridiculous for this time wher we have to wait.

If they keep the 7 day bake time, the odds need to go up. If they keep the 5% odds, then the bake time needs to be cut in half. Imo.

This thread is probably going to be merged to already existing complaining posts which are many.

Dont forget to keep following and showing interest there. Sometimes after merging the threads just get forgotten.

Insane food, recruits and a 5* with a 7 day waiting time for 5% of getting a special hero and 95% chance of getting another copy of a classic outdated hero that mostly needs a buff is a slap on the face.

But if we dont say anything it will looks like it’s not.


I think the academy is fine as is. Nets me enough troops, can do 3 trainings at a time so… It’s pretty good if you ask me.

If the academy is not good enough probably tc20 is also unsatisfactory?

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You can use 4 tc20 but the HA it’s just one.

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TC 20 has the best odds to get a 5*. I keep track for the whole ally and we have a 7% output of 5* atm.

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