[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Heroes training sucks!
I have upgraded training academy for all RARE, ELITE AND LEGENDARY lately!
Why is that every time on ELITE training I get only RARE HEROES?

Hey there. This topic is intended for another building than the Training Camps.

I can agree with you that receiving 3* from epic / legendary levels of the camps can be sad but this is how the game’s been working ever since.

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Spend depth

Some thoughts on how to increase spend depth in Academy v2.0

Aimed at Devs, rival Devs, Modders and theory crafters

Not aimed at players

([Suggestion] Costume Meta / Business model , 3* / 4* costumes and Retraining 3* / 4* heroes or Small team, reusing code, Spend depth and helping balance 4* heroes especially for Class quests - #3 by Gryphonknight)


I’ve been doing HA10 nonstop for over a year now. I have literally only gotten one non season 1 5*. It really is a slap in the face to spend millions of resources to get nothing but season 1 5s. Most of which i have already ascended 1 or 2 of each. And the non season 1 5 that i got isnt even good in the current meta so i probably wont be ascending it anyways. If this was supposed to be a “fix” for duplicate heroes, it’s an awful fix and definitely needs a change. SG has to realize that with a pool so large, theres a very VERY small chance that you actually get a hero worth ascending. So why not boost the rates up a bit so that we can at least feel better getting a few more of the crap 5s that arent season 1 5s?


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I have a question about ha and possibility to doing three slots like in the alchemy lab

Day by day, very vey boring with same repetition, I have more than 6000 hero’s in training camps, there is no 5* hero to train . Always getting season 1 hero from hero academy.
My guess , lots of people quitting the game, because they are bored. Top 1% in tournament was reduced from 16000 to 12000. Which means 400k players left this game. Soon it will go further.

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Dear m8s, I am only 2,5 years in the game yet I am pretty sure that every player points to certain events and spents tokens (thus money) there in order to complete a whole team (that sometimes means 3 different 5* event cards). It seems a bit “unfair” when -after may summonning trials…- a player gets a 5* hero of the wanted event card yet… it is the same with another card in the players roster. Frustrating! Would not it be great if the developers fixed a method, like the AH10 but to be Event Selected! Meaning to be able to put a 5* hero and after paymet (in gems) and after waiting sometime to have a chance to pull another (and not the same) 5* hero card from the Same event eg. when you put your 2nd Pinguin(!) To be able to get MN(c) or Santa c) as it happens when summoning in the portal. This would be great if it can also happen via Season selection eg. Imagine if you could trade your 2nd Poseidon and after a certain amount of time and money, to roll for a first Ariel! Just think about it. Would make a lot of players not only happy but also eager to pay more time and money (gems) into the game.
Ps. Soul exchange was taken into consideration but this is a diffent and more selective proposal

Just had the textbook example of how HA10 works these days:
HA10-1: Azlar in; Justice out
HA10-2: Justice in; Azlar out…
Curious what will come out now, if I put Azlar back in. Another Justice?

As improvement, I do agree it would make sense that the HA10 looks at which heroes you have put in before, or even maybe only look at the past 5 conversions. Then at least there is some more chance to get another hero.

My very first conversion some months ago resulted in Sartana with Costume; I already had Sartana maxed so the Costume was very welcome. Since then, only received dupes.
Currently I only don’t have Thorne and Kadilen from s1 (both of them I do not need).

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Seems like the Hero Academy has no changes planned - 2022 Sneak Peek! 🆕

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7 days with 3000 gems to skip is much, it is one of exciting game features which will be frustrating with that duration. Almost 3000 gems means 430 gems for each day and with the odds to get even non season 1 legendary, too much gems. I suggest now decrease duration 2,3 days . Thanks

Over SG’s dead body they would reduce HA10 training duration to 2-3 days.
Best case scenario would be 5 days, and that is very generous for SG already

HA10 will be the number one source of new unique legendary heroes for me this year I bet. Seven days is well worth it. 14 days would be well worth it.

This is another “give us more free stuff” idea. Yet so many people choose to run it is as. Yes it could be better but it’s clearly good enough to get used already.

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I run mine constantly. The only thing I would wish we could do is have more than 1 in the queue!

exactly, more than 1 training would already be an huge improvement for HA10. You have 52 chances a year to gain an new Hero which is fine by me.

It would be great to have any of it.
Anyway, I disagree with lowering research time/costs. HA was teoretically designed with potential to be powerful tool, so massive investment of resources and gametime is OK for me. But considering this, outputs are just terrible… It is not working as powerful tool but as insignificant massive wasting tool. So I would vote for changes that bring much more use.

Why is it a “chance” to get the costume and not a guarantee? Almost all the heroes available from HA10 are way past their prime and need their costume to be remotely relevant (keyword “almost”, don’t rage I know there’s a few this doesn’t apply to). Come on SGG throw us a bone once in awhile, the chances of getting someone that isn’t a S1 dupe out of HA10 is slim to none already. Been running it almost non-stop since release and have only received two non-S1 heroes thus far. I was lucky enough to get Alasie yesterday, but no costume means she’ll probably go to 3:70 and sit on my roster unused.


After i use the Heroes Academy ten level, i see that is not doing what they say it will do. They say that will give around 5 % non- season 1 heroes, and also around 5 % costumes.

Personaly i get from more that 70 retraining, 2 non season 1 heroes, and no costume. That is around 2 %. I know many how from 70 retrainings not getting anything, and some how get around 20% costumes and heroes.

That mean mathematical 5 is equal with 20 and with 0.

It will be nice if the building will do, what is write in the description, to deliver around 5% non season 1 heroes for all the players.

If all use same quality of food and recruits, it will be nice that all to get same chance to get non season 1 heroes.


I´m relatively ‘new’ to reaching and using the Hero Academy, but with Soul Exchange, I feel as if the HA is just so expensive to run, with such a small chance for something useful. But maybe it´s my seven Elena’s talking (They are almost 1/3 of all my 5*s) :woman_facepalming: