[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

That would be one year for a garnet

You should add the ability to retrain more than 1 legendary hero at a time. Sitting around 7 days only to probably get another season 1 5* is irritating. If You could retrain multiple legendary heroes at a times would be better.

I completely agree with everything you said. They have to make it better.

Can you please make it possible retrain more than one legendary hero at a time? Sitting around and waiting 7 days just to retrain another legendary hero seems a bit inefficient. Especially with the draw rates. At least training multiples at a time increases your chances in a way.

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How is it free, your giving up a 5* hero and food and then there is the 7 day wait. If they don’t want to increase the odds then decrease wait times.

HA 12 5days, HA15 3days. We can ask.

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Why limit us to one hero in HA10? With a week long wait, I’d rather not set an alarm to make sure no time is wasted. It would be nice to be able to put as many as we could in there (resources permitting) and not worry about keeping that timer going.

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I totally agree.

It would be nice if we could queue just one hero in HA10.

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You mean more than one? Lol

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Yes. :sweat_smile:

Queue just one more hero in HA10.

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Anyone in Beta knows if there is any other QoL coming our way during the next update?

It would really be awesome if we could get to use 3 trainings at the same time, just as we get to “craft” 3 at a time on other advanced buildings.

The two main things I agree need changing in HA are definitely able to queue, and this one:

“Retraining non-S1 hero will only result in another non-S1 hero with the same rarity.”

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They doubled odds of getting something good by adding costumes a few months ago. Seems like a change to me.


For me, it’s an additional chance for getting a new 5* hero every week. Of course, it’s only 5% for non- S1 (and 5% for costume) but still, odds are larger than in all summon portals. It’s only costs meat and recruits. No gems, no coins, etc. So it’s for free. Yes it’s nice to have it every second day at half price, but I can live with the week and current costs in food and recruits. I like this addition to the game. Am I sometimes frustrated with another Khagan? Of course but it’s better to get another Khagan than Dawa from the pulls.


Adding costumes made it worthwhile again in my book.

If you have reached the point in the Game where you can Retrain your legendary Heroes it is most likely you have every Season 1 Hero , some of them several times . Currently HA has 95% chance of throwing back to you another duplicate Season 1 Hero . Given that retraining takes a week by the odds you can expect to get a not Season 1 Hero 2 or 3 times a Year . Yikes ! Added to that you can’t reduce your number of duplicates and free up any space . How about letting us sacrifice 2 or 3 Heroes at a time for increased chance of not Season 1 Hero . Also if you’re sacrificing a Hero not Season 1 how about increased chance of getting something from the pool where your Hero came from i.e. HOTM

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This is why I think @Staff_SGG should pay more attention to long-term players …

There are so many great ideas in this thread and yet, all we get are new heroes…

Heroes training sucks!
I have upgraded training academy for all RARE, ELITE AND LEGENDARY lately!
Why is that every time on ELITE training I get only RARE HEROES?

Hey there. This topic is intended for another building than the Training Camps.

I can agree with you that receiving 3* from epic / legendary levels of the camps can be sad but this is how the game’s been working ever since.

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Spend depth

Some thoughts on how to increase spend depth in Academy v2.0

Aimed at Devs, rival Devs, Modders and theory crafters

Not aimed at players

([Suggestion] Costume Meta / Business model , 3* / 4* costumes and Retraining 3* / 4* heroes or Small team, reusing code, Spend depth and helping balance 4* heroes especially for Class quests - #3 by Gryphonknight)


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