[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

He can try again and trade in Richard for an Obakan, then there will be nowhere to go but up :+1:


Hahahaha,obakan and Leonidas are our worst nightmares

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I would rather get an Obakan or Leonidas than a Horghall or Khagan. I will just keep retraining and maybe by this time next year I will have received an event hero from HA10…:nerd_face:

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My wish is a joon or a marjana

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If you know the odds and still gamble amd the odds stay true - Its fair.

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the chance of a non classic hero is 5% no matter which hero you retrain in the HA. it is very unfavorable in these odds to send a superior hero to HA

A second Isarnia, I pulled a Isarnia costume in a previous chamber events, and a second one in october chamber event.

The game has already created a solution for 5* heroes with hero academy. But What can I do with two 5* costumes of the same heroe?

Any way we can queue in more Legendary retraining then one at a time? I’d save time, space in bags, use my over abundance of food, recruits.

TC20 is now useless to me. Im missing about 5 more S1 heroes and im tired of getting dups. Rather take my chances in retraining. Have about 20 dups or trips and theyre sitting in my bags collecting dust.


Devs, how about a “Claim All” button for Hero Academies like the Training Grounds have. That would be great.

Right Now there is just 5% chance of getting a non CT 20 in academy heroe 20. Running just one “pull” a week, it means in average you will get less than 3 non ct 20 heroes per year. I agree that the game should be a journey, but that one is too long. You should also considere that you Will get heroes that you already have.

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How do I Un-vote? I was for the “claim all button”, none of the rest of this.

Eat the second one. Eat all duplicate costumes, they serve no other purpose.

Already seen ppl including my alliance leader get an hotm or an event hero fairly quickly (one person in cove got King Arthur from elkenan first attempt) @Magnifique got Khiona in 4th or 5th re train, just the iron to build it is nuts though as soon as I get sh25 I built it now it’s taking a couple days just to get it to 2 (whilst also adding grids to 5s i just maxed out) its definitely not as advertised to give “new players” the chance to catch up to long term player’s as im now going on 14 months and just got it,

and need to still get it to 10 and research yadda yadda but my dupe Elena Thorne and isarnia are good food (and possibly zulag) oh and yeah you need extra 5*s just to be able to use it,

Have fun "new player’s " in about 16 months you’ll be able to try for an event or hotm :laughing:

But I’m still excited to try

I’ve been playing 9.5 months and I have my HA to level 7 already. It’s possible to get there fast

Sorry buddy, but from lv 7 to 10 and be able to using it there’s other 6 months or so.
And that’s only if you focus purely on HA (which is wrong).

It may seems you are nearly there, but longest buildings have to still come.

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@Shunt is using 2 builders and gem skip so I predict 2 months.

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Lol uh no, building time on the last 3 levels of HA is just over a month. I have two builders going finishing up the food storage and the iron storage and houses are all done. I’ll be using HA10 by mid January which is 10.5 months from when I started the game.

Glad to know I’m playing the game wrong though lol

That is not possible because the research itself is 14 days. 1 month + 14 days will lead you to the end of January or start of February.

Fair enough but still quite a bit less than one year from starting. For all the people whining that it takes 2 years to get there

Certainly they calculate that without gem skip.


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