[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

Yes please.
Reduced research costs.

Its bad enough needing 3x Lvl10 Advanced Iron Storages to build, but now also needs 3x Lvl10 Advanced Food Storages to research.

Whilst this release boasted to benefit new players, the above requirements disagree.


Given all the opposition and rejection of the hero academy that has been going around I felt inclined to propose a solution that is open to discussion. I feel the situation comes down ultimately to the community(consumers) getting their money’s worth out of the game.

Last year when I was just a beginner there was only a challenge and Atlantis summon event during the month. With all the new summons and the costs of all of them the lack of returns in 5 stars and pulls of duplicate 5 stars makes the costs redundant and not worth it. The hero academy doesn’t remedy this by a long shot.

SG has made it clear they still want the community to spend money on summons for profit which many would agree and feel is fair in the least, as long as you get your money’s worth. And currently no one is, so to make it worth it I feel that the hero academy should be dumped as it’s an insult as a solution and not beneficial.

In place of it I suggest three improvements to the current system to make it worth it.

  1. Increase the odds of pulling 5 stars and especially the event 5 stars so that you get you money’s worth in pulling.
  2. Add pulls of ascension items in the summon system as a bonus to get additional incentive for the money and so that pulled 5 stars can actually be fully maxed out because the system is even more tight with ascension items in my opinion.
  3. A ten pull should come with a kind of retrain hero token that allows you to retrain a duplicate 5 star into one of the event hero’s at random, activated with food/iron etc. And that can be limited to 1 or 2 hero’s to be retrained per event as an incentive to use multiple events to retrain duplicates.

I feel this possibly can offer the community and SG what they each want respectively. SG can make their profits and the community can get their higher rate of hero’s and items, and retraining of duplicates. Please share and discuss, share your thoughts. Let’s work together to find a workable solution for all.


Small suggestion to improve utility of hero academy. Change speed up cost from gems to recruits. Re-roll 5* recipe problem is really the 7 day wait time. Please add option to speed timer with recruits. It’s thematic, makes sense they should train faster with more recruits. Doesn’t allow straight transactional path to given hero (RNG built into the re-roll), already have to have a 5*. Plus some people will spend gems on world energy/loot tickets to farm necessary recruits. I think roughly 1000-3000 recruits to speed 7 days is about right.

Would really like the 5* starting hero to guide the output too, (ie event heroes yield event heroes, HotM yield hotm etc) but feel like that probably narrows the RNG too much.


Thanks all, sorry have been a bit MIA. Edited the OP, hopefully it broadly incorporates all the suggestions

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I’m aware a lot of people aren’t happy with the HA & this might have been suggested by someone else already (don’t have the time to check), but I feel like the HA would have been better spent making existing heroes better.

My particular idea is that you start with turning 1* & 2* heroes from just resources into actually useful heroes by making it so that they can become 4* & 5* respectively. To make it worthwhile for everyone, I’d make it that they’d have to be maxed out (not in emblems) before gaining a *, at which point they start over at T1 L1. They only get emblems once they’re fully maxed out (like current heroes).

The real kicker would be to make them cost more resources (I’m thinking the higher rarity asc mats that ppl buy), but also make them a bit better than the current heroes at lower *s. This would create more strategy i.e. do I keep getting up my hero or keep them at a lower * so they can compete in those tournaments.

This would be a win/win, SG keeping getting money from those who are willing to spend to get the heroes up quickly, whilst players get ‘new’ heroes to level up and strategise with.

If they wanted to help out the newer players as well, I’d make the HA accesible much earlier in the game, maybe at lvl15, & refund those who already have the HA their resources.


As we have with our training camps, it would be great to have a collect all button for the hero academy especially for those 1 min training levels.


I’ve looked at all the information given on the Hero Academy and I’ve decided to focus on the Alchemy Lab instead. I see the Hero Academy as, to put it politely, utterly useless.

I’m sat here with 65 5* duplicates, which are a mix of Event, HoTM, S1, S2 and S3 heroes. The way the Hero Academy works now makes me keeping all of these pretty much useless.

strong textRetraining non-S1 hero will only result in another non-S1 hero with the same rarity.strong text

I really like and support that idea. It should be based on what you trade in I think, excluding S3 maybe because it’s still relatively new. Meaning:

Trade a S1 hero for another S1 hero, with a 5% (I think this is too low still, I’d even happily take 10%) chance at a previous HoTM or Event hero.

Trade a S2 hero for another S2 hero, with a 5%(10%) chance at a previous HoTM or Event hero.

Trade a HoTM hero for another HoTM hero.

Trade an Event Hero for either a HoTM or another Event Hero (more in favour of HoTM).

I’d even happily take being able to trade in my 5* heroes for a set amount of their respective emblems.


Hello! My name is Artem Farenheit and in this topic I want to suggest some things to improve our game we all like! And I will talk about Hero Academy. Just I saw it and understood that too many levels of academy are useless. I understand that may be E&P creators don’t play in their game and sometimes cant know what things will be better and more usefull for gamers. And I very want to help them with it.

All information from this topic (and more fully) I show in video on my YT channel (http://www.youtube.com/c/Artemfarenheit789). I hope you will read it and may be will look on YT (as I know there are subtitles:https://youtu.be/TFqgXQMFBU0 ).

Hero Academy by Artem Farenheit:

First of all general things:
a) Hero Academy begins to be available for build from level 16th. And only 1st level. And step by step when you will be improve your stronghold then begin to be available next levels of academy. So when you will build 25th level of stronghold, you can start to use 10th level of academy.
b) Construction and research costs have to depend from current max of food and iron on each level of academy. (I sure E&P creators will do it right, just I haven’t information about this current max)
c) Nothing in Hero Academy can be accelerated.
d) All of things what I show and say may be fixed. I want and I need to convey main idea. The detail can be changed.

Levels of Hero Academy:

  1. 1st level (16th Stronghold level) Train common troops
    Research time: 1d
    Train time: 9h
    Train cost: 25k food + 25k iron, 3 training manual, 30 recruits

  2. 2nd level (17th Stronghold level) Train Trainer Heroes
    Note: There is a chance of getting one of four kind of trainers. For example: for 1* - 50% chance, for 2* - 26,5% chance, for 3* - 15% chance, for 4* - 8,5% chance.
    Research time: 1d
    Train time: 9h
    Train cost: 35k food, 5 training manual + 3 wooden shield + 3 leather armor, 25 recruits

  3. 3rd level (18th Stronghold level) Train uncommon troops
    Research time: 2d
    Train time: 19h
    Train cost: 50k food + 50k iron, 3 strong rope + 3 dagger + 3 sharpening stone, 65 recruits

  4. 4th level (19th Stronghold level) Exchange 4* heroes for 5* hero
    Note: May be there will a chance of getting 5* hero, may be it will do guaranteed. But if it will do with chance of getting then it must be about 30-50%. (for sure high percentage)
    Research time: 4d
    Train time: 7d
    Train cost: 200k food, 5 heroes of 4*

  5. 5th level (20th Stronghold level) Disassembling the fully upgraded hero into parts
    Note: Over time, some heroes, we upgraded fully, can become useless and a lot of people want to take this apart for use it after. For upgrade we use normal items (like battle manual, chainmail shirt, scabbard, tall boots etc.) and also special items (like compass, orb fo magic, hidden blade, royal tabard, poison darts etc). After using this academy level we will get ALL normal items and 50% of special Items (with depend of * these special items). For example: from fully Liana we will get all normal items, 50% of “1 compass + 1 fine gloves + 8 sturdy shields (4 from 3rd stage of ascension and 4 more from 4th stage of ascension)” and 50% of “1 tome of tactics + 1 damascus blade + 6 mysterious tonic”. And in result for example it can be 1 compass + 4 sturdy shields + 1 damascus blade + 1 tome of tactics + 2 mysterious tonic. Or any other combination of items within the given proportions. BUT, I also suggest (it can be interested for E&P creators especial) for payment do getting items fully. And for getting all of items from 4* players must pay 300 gems and for getting all of items from 5* - 1000 gems.
    Research time: 5d
    Train time: 3d
    Train cost: for 4* hero - 350k food/350k food + 300 gems, for 5* hero – 750k/750k food + 1000gems.

  6. 6th level (21th Stronghold level) Exchange 4*/5* heroes for items.
    Note: Players often have useless heroes 4* and 5* and we can do it useful (same situation in next level of Hero academy). Players put the hero, pay food and after training time we will get for 4* hero: normal item with chance (may be about 30%) for special item 3* (71,5% chance for 3* item same colour of hero and 28,5% chance for compass or fine gloves); for 5* hero: special item 3* same colour of hero with chance (may be about 30% too) for special item 4* (71,5% chance for 4* item same colour of hero and 28,5% chance for Damascus blade or tome of tactics).
    Research time: 4d
    Train time: 7d
    Train cost: 350k food for 4*, 750k food for 5*

  7. 7th level (22th Stronghold level) Exchange 4*/5* heroes for emblems.
    Note: Players put the hero, pay food and after training time we will get for 4* hero: 3 emblems same class of hero; for 5* hero 15 emblems same class of hero.
    Research time: 5d
    Train time: 7d
    Train cost: 350k food for 4*, 750k food for 5*

  8. 8rd level (23th Stronghold level) Train rare troops with chance for epic troops
    Note: Chance can be about 10% like Epic troop summon.
    Research time: 4d
    Train time: 2d
    Train cost: 200k food + 200k iron, 5 chainmail shirt + 5 battle manual, 130 recruits

  9. 9th level (24th Stronghold level) Retrain epic troops for other epic troops.
    Note: Any other troops except used
    Research time: 5d
    Train time: 5d
    Train cost: 600k + 600 iron, 1 epic troop, 100 recruits

  10. 10th level (25th Stronghold level) Retrain 5* heroes.
    Note: It work like in original Hero Academy. But percentage need to do about 93% for normal 5* hero and 7% for especial 5* hero.
    Research time: 5d
    Train time: 5d
    Train cost: 600k + 600 iron, 1 epic troop, 100 recruits

I hope my suggestion appeal for you and it will be useful and E&P creators will take advice.

Thank you attention, Artem Farenheit
Let the discussion begin!))


And I hope, forgot to say, E&P creators join this discourse


Awesome idea! I agree with this author!)


Great idea! Why would players on level 25 of the citadel produce 1 * heroes? When they can be obtained from the 1st level of the camp)))


a good and working idea, what is now, is an absolute disappointment. I hope the developers pay attention to the Academy of Heroes and do not make a second alchemy from it (which I will not even build and will not build), because it now has only two useful functions, and even that, that time to get them discourages her desire to swing.

хорошая и рабочая идея,то что есть сейчас,абсолютное разочарование.надеюсь разработчики обратят внимание на Академию героев и не сделают из нее вторую алхимию(которую даже не строил и строить не буду),ведь она сейчас имеет лишь две полезные функции да и то,то время что бы них дойти отбивает желание ее качать.


This is a very good idea!


Fully support this idea!


Yes, this might work. If not all - at least some part of it.


Let’s have hope some creators will read this. Idea is really good


What are you talking about? We don’t have a Citadel. The only structure that reaches level 25 is the Stronghold. And even level 25 Stronghold does not produce anything, no hero, troop, food or iron. It may give you gems if you are on VIP. However, a level 25 Stronghold allows player to unlock the Hero Academy.

Simple reason, to have more structures producing feeder heroes. While your 4 Training Camps may be devoted to four of any of the following: TC20 (2 days per training at 1 sharpening stone, 297,000 food and 100 recruits), TC11 (2 hours per training at 1,000 food and 2 recruits), TC1 (10 minutes per training at 1 practice sword, 1,600 food and 5 recruits), TC2 (*30 minutes per training at 1 adventurer’s kit, 2,000 food and 5 recruits), TC3 (2 minutes per training at 1 practice sword, 5,000 food and 5 recruits) and/or TC19 functions (*1 minute per training at 1 rugged clothes, 5,500 food and 2 recruits), you have Hero Academy at level 1 provide you with an additional source of feeder heroes, expediting the leveling process of your heroes being leveled. While Hero Academy at level 1 produces 1 star hero every minute at the cost of 2 practice swords, 2 training manuals, 5,000 food and 1 recruit, and at level 2, it spews 2 star hero every minute at the cost of 3 strong ropes, 11,000 food and 8 recruits.

I completely agree with you !!!


This is great suggestion! I hope that some of that will be applied in our game!


Yes, i agree with you


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