[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

In addition, should be included the option of NOT being able to receive season 1 heroes that you already have otherwise, with a good chance, you will give a duplicate to have, in exchange, another duplicate after a week of waiting… Bah…

I have been playing since 2017 & have a collection of event 4* heroes that some of my alliance teammates haven’t pulled yet. If they add the possibility to retrain 4* like they have 5* then that would give anyone a chance to a 4* EVENT HERO… How some players not understand is mind-boggling… :laughing:

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What should be mind boggling is why everyone keeps pushing for retraining. Retraining is simply adding an extra cost. Not only do you need food and recruits but now you need a hero as well. They should just add in the event and S2 4* into one of the trainings. We accept the need for a hero as an extra cost for 5* because it’s a guaranteed 5* it shouldn’t be cheap. Why do so many people want to make getting event/S2 4* more expensive.

Whatever… as long as non-S1 4* is available through HA, I’m fine with that. If I have to sacrifice 1 Thoth-Amun to have guaranteed Wilbur, I’ll do it.

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Because it’s a very good chance for F2P players. Much better than waiting 4-5 months to gather enough gems for one 10-pull.


I just saw the odds and the ridiculous amount of time it would likely take for someone to get a non-Season 1 hero (🤓 Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion)

What stood out to me is that 10% of people running it nonstop will NOT receive a non-Season 1 hero after 315 days.

I think we can all agree that those odds are just absolutely ridiculous. I really hope SG increases the odds by a significant amount or at the very least decrease the time for the retraining process so that people don’t go for a whole year of spending tons and tons and tons of food for NOTHING.


Imho only time kills the process of recycling,
5%* is ok but 7 days of waiting is not…
As it requires very heavy amount of resources with low % I find no harm reducing the time to 2 or 3 days…
I hope they fix it soon, so it doesn’t kill the joy of the game.
*It’s been a ~year since i started my tc 20, i got 13×5☆ out of it.


As I said before, I dont have problem with time needed to retrain a hero, problem is that I dont want to retrain my dupe HOTMs (almost all of them cost me $$$ to get) into classic heroes I can get using TC20.
Only fair solution IMO would be retraining dupe HOTM into other HOTM (or event hero into different event hero). I am aware that it is not really f2p friendly, but current HA is kinda unfriendly to everyone (classic heroes could be obtained using TC20). I am not optimistic that SGG will ever consider this because it would make Legends summon portal unnecessary, and it would cut their profit.
Also, duplicate costumes should be considered also, since only one costume is needed.


I have plenty of dupe S1 5* to retrain before I get to my 2 extra Noors lol

Also I still am missing 10 S1 5* so I have a decent chance to get someone new when feeding in Elena 5

I completely agree, I wish that the HA would have let us retrain HOTMs/Event heroes into other HOTMs/Event heroes. Or maybe letting us use 10 base 5 star heroes to get a non-base 5 star hero.

I really, really hope SG improves the HA but I’m not optimistic.


Why I can’t use more than one 5* hero for retrain? It’s very strange and uncomfortable


On level 10 you can get non-standard 5* hero with some odds (about 5%). I don’t think there will be any guaranteed exchange not for money - not in this game

To prevent us from stockpiling and only collect it once a target enter the pool (like possible inclusion of Finley).

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To prevent it I am already have my head with brain inside and message before adding each 5* hero to HA. Finley will be added not early than after one year of releasing. 5-10 will be enought.

I hope they at least give 1 queue space.

We need to be able to run more than 1 hero in the remake.
At least 2!
Coz we don’t pay U to enter the game on the alarm clock to start the next alteration :persevere:

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Furthermore… maybe we can trade 5* heroes for 50 emblems of the same hero class, 4* heroes for 40 emblems of the same hero class and 3* heroes for 30 emblems of the same hero class. Duplicate should be treated with the same value as the gems used to obtain them.


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Agreed. But I say get rid of it altogether and give us what we have been asking for since the beginning, a way to trade team members for items you may need or a building where you take the stuff you have a 1000 of and can harvest it into items you need to ascend hero’s.

Can we get the ability to create a que for Hero Academy level 10? One of the biggest draws for me in getting it up and running was to clear roster space. The current setup doesn’t allow this to happen. Possibly the most frustrating expectation not being met in this whole game for me.


Or they should allow you to turn in a duplicate 5 star for one 4 star ascension material of that hero”s color. Seems reasonable for players and SG. They wouldn’t be giving away too much and players would be happy.


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