[Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy

I agree, it isn’t interesting to run HA lvl 10. It takes too long. I think resources would be ok, but time should be reduced to 2 days. And maybe an increase of the output of not-S1-heroes. 5% would mean you get an event 5* around every half year :weary:

Don’t agree. There is so much feedback from beta players, so many gamers who invest money. The output of some stages in HA, especially stage 10 could be better.
I have 5 Tellurias, need maybe 2. So what to do with the other 3? Try to get another event 5* or hotm for 2 years?? With the odds and duration it will take that long.

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It’s unrealistic to expect to put good use to every dupe 5 star you get. If everyone could get something good for their 5 star dupes we would be facing all the same heroes everywhere. And then the game dies fast.

Now we at least have a shot at something good, and I’m all for it!

I wouldn’t get happy getting an Alice for my dupe Quintus if I know someone else easily gets a Guin, or someone else gets Hatter because the odds are so high it’s nothing special anymore.

The odds should suck, at least we have a chance.

We can’t just expect to get near every hero in the game.

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Well, agree in some points.
Otherwise I will never use one of my Tellurias for stage 10, because 95% I get a S1 5* instead… :sweat_smile: i’d rather level a mono Telluria team.
Another idea could be, that you get another HOTM if you use a hotm, another event hero for an event hero, another season hero for a season hero, s1 for s1, s2 for s2. Then time and resources would be fine for me.

I think this is the solution @Lavan. If a non-S1 hero goes in, a non-S1 hero should come out. S1 for a 5% chance is OK with this modification I think.


Well predicted :slightly_smiling_face:

But I think the opposite is true, large master threads often get revisited while niche suggestions are left in the dusty corners.

On topic

My HA is building lvl 10 now… But then I have food storage and research… some weeks still to go :pensive:

As a vc2p, I’m still interested in the 5% chance of success and I still even have some tc20 5* of interest (Marj and kadilen) still to find.

But I definitely feel like I’m earning it!

It’s the grindiest grind of all


Well if you get any HOTM or event hero from a S1 that’s great. But who uses dupes of hotm or event heroes for the recycling process?

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I appreciate positivity and enthusiasm, but a 5% chance at 7 day bake time, not to mention the amount of food and recruits, is too great to overcome for me. I once had a great love for this game but it is becoming more “meh” everyday. Best of luck to all!


What was the previous opportunity that existed, to trade five-star heroes for new ones? How long and resource-intensive was that process, and what were the odds?

They must’ve been better than HA currently, right?

Before they teased that HA would address the duplicate hero issue. Which you can make a mild argument they have. But it’s like crawling through the desert being promised an oasis up a head, only to have it be a few droplets of water.


That’d too charitable. It’s a 1-for-1 exchange, so even when you get a hero you want, you’re not freeing up any roster space.

I think I speak for most when I say I’d much rather better odds and/or shorter wait, and would gladly give up 2-for-1 to do it (thereby freeing up roster space as a byproduct).

I haven’t paid close attention to everyone who did all the calculations on how long it takes to be able to actually use HA10, but for F2P players I think it’s something like two years at best, from when you started playing, right?

Well, for loyal players, who’ve spent two YEARS of their lives grinding through this game, how many premium paywall 5* heroes are reasonable to expect out of an endgame feature like this? Over the course of a F2P player’s third year of the game, would it be so awful for SG to let them have one every couple of months? Six per year? As I understand it, the current odds imply an average of 2 or 3 per year. Seems stingy…


I thought you are going to merge them with this as the discussion are specifically about buff/fix.

Have you raided in diamond recently?

More likely we would see more variation as ppl try different combos out and find the meta that matches their playing style…

Yes I raid around the 2700 cups and I know it’s only GTV. But thats because SG released Telluria in a broken state and made her easy to get ( wich proves my point and disproves yours ), but that’s another topic.

But as you state, that the more heroes players have leads to more variation is false. Sure they would test out some stuff but in the end there would form a new meta wich works best and if everyone has those heroes available, everyone will use that meta and everyone will have the same team, whereas if your selection is limited you have to make due with what you have wich leads to more variation instead.

GTV is based on the availability of some and rarity of others. It’s no coincidence that GTV are all HoTM.

I do think we would go back to the days of 4-5 tanks main tanks with different team synergies as these would be more readily available to players…

If more players have Ursena/Guin, will the number of Telly drop then?

I think Ursena then Telly then Guin is better than Telly then Telly then Telly.

If HA have better rate, more players will have Zimkitha, Grazul, and Mitsuko to defeat Telly.


It’s really tormenting when somebody puts 300 Heroes 1* in hero academy and after training have to click about 300 times to collect them all.

Please, add button “Collect all” like IT od on Training Camp.


I don’t care about most of this stuff. But a Claim All is a necessary QoL improvement.

As of now I have more than 20 duplicate 5 star heroes. So it will take more than 6 months to trade them in, and I’m likely to only get one non-Season 1 hero after all that time. That kind of sucks…

Absolutely agree. I can also understand having to bring all buildings to the maximum for level 10 of the academy and related research … but wait a week to have a Quintus instead of Justice no … I kindly point out that in order to get to the level 10 of the academy takes months and months of work.

_2600 gems for 10 summons of epic / elemental with no change for special hero
_ 3000 gems for 10 summons in events, atlantis, etc …

so level 10 of the academy should give a special 5 star AT LEAST 40% chance or it is crap … 5% every week means receiving a special 5 star hero every 20 weeks if you are lucky after months and months of maximizing all buildings (I’ll get there at Christmas if all goes well) … another bad joke from developers

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